Monday, December 31, 2012

It's A Disney Kind of Morning.

So Scotty decided to get up at 7:30 this morning, pushing buttons on our bedroom tv, trying so hard to put on his all time favorite movie, Brave. I don't know what it is about that movie but he absolutely adores it! He'll get so into it that you can't even get his attention.

So as I lay here posting this, he's covering me with all the blankets he can find lol. Ill catch him looking back at the screen like a zombie. But I can't blame him, he hasn't been feeling too good lately. I think he has a cold. This momma has been doing all she can to soothe him. Disney movies seem to work best. Lol. I didn't know they worked so well on sick little ones.

I sure don't remember it working that way when I was a kiddo. I would always want to be in momma's lap. But hey, if movies are what makes Scotty happy then so be it. He's decided to pin me down by sitting on my legs so ill see you guys later!

New Years Eve!

Alright, so lord knows I need to get back into blogging shape this year lol. So what I have planned for the new year is blogging 365. Which by the obvious means that I will try to have a blog post everyday. Fun stuff right? Also it's been exhausting trying to run two different blogs at once, so sometime today or tomorrow I will be combining blogs.

It sounds a little bit nutty, but I usually tend to favor this blog over my other. So be prepared, followers, for new material. I will be having book related posts, beauty, and some down right randomness. Kind of crazy for one place huh? Yea tell me about it. I just wanted to let you guys in on the new year plans.

I also plan on doing picture 365 on Instagram and Facebook, so Lenore keep a look out for those!

Also if you'd like to follow me on my other social networks, here are the links...

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I'm also on pintrest! You can look me up by the name Stacy Webb or username scottsmomma.

Hope to see you guys soon! Have a wonderful New Year's Eve!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mommy Rant!

Ok, normally I try my best to avoid posts like this but I'm seriously at the end of my rope and want to scream. So yes I've been neglecting my poor little blogspot all month and my reason being is holidays and stress. Every year there is bound to be stress. I know this, yet it still gets the better of me.

So the reason this is a rant is due to the fact of whats going on and to be polite I won't use names. Alright so due to some issues with my roommate, we decided to let him loose. Against my will and due to lack of communication I found out yesterday that my mother in law is moving back in. Now I have nothing against her, I can be nice and polite with her, but I'd prefer to light myself on fire than live with her again.

Hubby says "it's only for a short time so she can help us". Oh, but still if rather light myself on fire, rip my hair out and roll in bleach. I simply just can not stand staying in the same household with her. Here are my reasons why. She gripes about everything! She'll complain about dishes and laundry not being done, but I rarely ever saw her do that before she moved out earlier this year. Actually to be correct on the matter she was on vacation for a week and instead of helping me do any of the household chores, which aren't just for me but for everyone, she helped accumulate dishes, laundry, etc.

So yes I have every reason to not want to live with her again. Since I moved in with hubby in 2009, she has always lived with one or both her kids. Not that it's a problem for a parent to do this it's just I don't want to live with her. She has commented on everything from my cleaning skills, parenting skill, and even who I should hang out with and associate with.

Last time I checked, I was 22 years old and legally an adult. So who I associate with and how I raise mine and hubby's son is none of your concern coming from your corner of the shelf. You told me way back if I needed help to ask and when I would you would tell me to raise him how I see fit. Now that I have you want to put your two cents in? No, it's not going to happen.

Also, talking badly about step monster (that's what she calls herself folks lol) isn't going to make me hate her. Ill be honest and say I'd prefer to sit and converse with her than mother in law any dayof the week! So all that noise about sending all the books step monster sent back to her you can keep to yourself! I like books and I like step monster.

I apologize for my rant its just I needed somewhere to let loose. I know I'm not the only one to deal with in laws like mine. Leave a comment if you can relate!
Goodnight guys!

Monday, December 3, 2012

What A Morning...

So this morning I wake up to a phone call from the hubby. Need I say it wasn't good at all? Well yes it wasn't good news but news all the same. Anyways, what was wrong is the car. Ugh, that darn thing gives me a migraine just talking about it. Well our car starting having problems yesterday. The gas pedal was sticking
ridiculously and I was worried to heck and back. I had a feeling something bad was going to happen and boom! I was right! I know it sounds mean but I'm glad it didn't happen with Scotty in the car. No dear hobby didn't wreck, he just ended up on the side of the road this morning.

I'm not going to lie I'm stressed because I know that this is going to put a big hold on Christmas and that's not too far off. Ugh I guess like John said, "it's going to be a December to remember huh?" He's sure got that right. I'm just so aggravated that these car issues keep reoccurring .

Ill be glad when it's done an fixed for good. Ill be honest and say that I'll be happy for income tax so I can get a new car. (The one we have is at least 25 years old). Yea I can't wait. Maybe I'll get my license finally. Well alright lovelies I'm going to get off here and clean an maybe ill be less stressed out

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Scott Wayne Is Angry!

Hey guys! So normally Scotty likes to have these days that me and hubby love to call daddy days because he will be latched on to John like a leech. I know its mean to say it like that, but its 100% true. Well, today sure wasn't a daddy day at all. You see on a normal daddy day Scotty is all about daddy since he works quite a bit during the day this week. So all I have been hearing out of that cute little boy is "Daddy daddy daddy!" Which is fine by me because I know Scotty misses him.  Well the reason today turned out to be a mommy day (yay! I finally get one!!!) is because John somehow managed to make little guy mad at him....

Scotty always wants to play in the toilet water. Eww I know haha! Well John puts up a baby gate so he can't get into the toilet. (we don't have a door to our bed room bathrroom) As soon as Scotty realized what daddy did, thats when the tantrum started...

Oh lord, never have I seen this boy mad at his daddy before and I hate to say I laughed. I couldn't help it, it just came out. Next thing I notice is John trying to make him feel better by holding him. Which usually always works. Not this time. Scotty was pushing him away, crying, and hollering for me. John and I both looked really confused. Scott wanted a "mommy day"? I will admit I've waited so long for Scott to want a mommy day! It was awesome!

However that shortly changed when my mom called to ask how we were doing and as soon as Scott heard his Nana, mommy day was said and done with. My mom couldn't even hear what I was saying because Scotty was saying "mommy mommy Nana Nana!" Which of course I know what follows that sentence. So...we took a ride to Nana's house. He had such a good time over there, though I don't think moms cats liked it too much.

But that was our eventful day. Hope you had a wonderful day and a wonderful night!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Spiders!!!! Eeekkkk!!!!!

Ok so last night as I was doing laundry I kept feeling something annoying on my leg. Like the annoying itch that you get but have no idea what it's from. Yea that's what I thought It was, but no, I smacked the itchy spot and sure enough I had spider on my hand (eeeeewwwwww!!!).

Of course I wondered why on earth would there be a spider in the house?!? Well I
shrugged it off. Then I went to put stuff up in little mans room and I see one more. Urgh! That moment I got into a severe cleaning spree of the house to find the source of spiders coming into the house. It was very late to start cleaning sprees considering it was 9 o'clock at night, but I was determined to get the house clean! It is almost 1:30 and I am still not finished.

I'm just not satisfied with how everything is just yet. I've been trying to organize everything in a workable and manageable way but haven't got it right to my liking. I'm still mad about spiders being in the house because I hate spiders! Does anyone know anything to prevent spiders in the house? If you do please comment what you think would work best. Thanks!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Youtube Jitters!

OK people I know I have been meaning to start my video process for the past three days now and I'll be honest.... I'm being camera shy! Yes I know I shouldn't be camera shy since I don't shut up in person. Sad I know. How would I even begin? My sister on the other hand just jumped right in and had an amazing introduction video! She doesn't even have a specific topic her channel is about so I give her a big thumbs up!

well any who I got that off my chest, now to talk about whats been going on the past few days. I have realized that the stay at home mom (SAHM) is more fun than I. I hate to admit it but I really am a tad boring. Hubby will have hours of fun with him doing the smallest things like staying up late, which I don't like Scotty doing because he is the biggest grouch I know besides his daddy. Hey sometimes its great because he'll sleep in an extra hour. Its lovely at times.

Hes been in a grouchy mood here lately and I don't know why. I'm guessing his teeth have been getting the better of him. I went too lay him down for a nap (2 hours ago) and hes still up bouncing around and being in his grumpy gill mood. It's killing me because lets be honest mommy needs her break. I've had a rough week and the last three napless days are draining me which results in a boring mom. So let me hop off here and I'll be back soon!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving y'all!

Happy thanksgiving to all my lovely followers!

So today was pretty good lots of food and lots of Scott wanting daddy! Yes that's right it's a daddy day for Scott Wayne. John is enjoying the heck out of it as we'll.

So let's drift off that and talk about something new shall we? Ok so me and my lovely sister are joining forces (yea I said it lol) on YouTube! She's fourteen so if there's a lot of crazy stuff on there it's cause she's a crazy teen. Ok I lied she's not crazy she's fun! But yes we have decided to do videos with each other as a sisterly thing. Plus she has a video of her singing to Scotty.

Her Channel is Tayburnsautmn. I'm sorry I don't know her URL but ill post a link to it when I actually get on my computer. So hopefully you guys will check her out and subscribe, comment, or even like her stuff. I hope to see you guys soon on YouTube and I'll be doing a surprise for you sometime soon!

Until next time lovelies!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Bit of Rough News.

So yesterday I went to see my OB/GYN to see baby Webb. Well unfortunately she can't tell me how far along I am. She also believes I may be having a hypothetical pregnancy. This news I will admit broke mine and johns heart. Johnny wants a little princess so bad it's not funny. My Doctor told me I need to come back this upcoming Wednesday to check the growth.

That's what she was worried about considering the fetus/sack is about 2mm and mine is only one. So hopefully I'm not worrying over nothing and I just found out early. I'm so anxious for Wednesday to come that I've been cleaning ridiculously to keep my poor little mind off things .
And I got about halfway through and had to stop, I got a terrible migraine in the middle from my sinuses hurting and dust.

I will be updating you on pictures too. This is the sonogram I received yesterday.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Big News!

Ok now I'm supposed to keep this a secret until Christmas, but because I have a big mouth I'm telling you guys! Now I won't say exactly the surprise is, but I'm sure some of you will grasp it immediately.

Oh and I'm going to point this out..... Lenore Webb if you figure it out don't tell anybody! I'm not supposed to tell a soul just yet! So please keep the secret :D

Are you guys ready for the hint???

Saturday, November 3, 2012

More Exciting News!

So if you're friend with me via Facebook you already know the big news for Scotty! But for those of you who don't know, Scotty has now transitioned to the big boy bed! He was so determined to let me know he was ready that he shook the bed rail loose. (Don't worry he's fine! :D) so we started the new bed yesterday and the only down fall is it prevents Scotty from taking naps. :( yes I'm sad about that but it happens. Overall he loves this new freedom to be able to wake up and play with his toys.

I on the other hand finally learned and am almost finished making the baby hat for my friends little one. I'm pretty darn proud of myself. Now all I have left is the booties and ill be ready for the baby shower this December. Lets hope I get them done! Well alright loves its late and this mommy is tired. So until next time!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Roommate Thinks I'm Nuts!

Oh that he does folks. See I went to pay bills yesterday and since I have a problem with being able to find my wallet, dear hubby decided to be the sweetest thing and let me use his card. Ill be honest I didn't go overboard. But I've been working on a crochet project for my friend awaiting the arrival of baby Peyton and Walmart did not stock back up on the color scheme I needed. So sad face on that. Well I went to Michael's craft store and I won't even lie, I was a kid in a candy shop.

Not only did I find what I needed but I found more of one color matching y very first project! Ah, I was so excited! The stocker thought I was absolutely nuts and I think all the employees hear my excitement all the way from the registers. Well my roommate come in the store looking for me and the look on his face was priceless.

He looked at my haul and asked "Stacy, do you think you have enough yarn?"

Of course I wanted to be funny and say no, but I was not taking any chances of being short of yarn. It's not happening. So I bought all of this color. That's right, I cleaned the shelf it was on. And from the looks of it now I won't have just a big crochet blanket but I have enough to make a hat and booties! Yay! Oh by the way I had a great deal on this too. So I know someone is looking out for me. The total was originally $20.00 but the swipe of one paper and my total was $12.50. Yes I was excited and ill admit too excited for my own good. I literally danced my way back to the car singing "I'm so excited!"

That's how my afternoon went yesterday and now it's time for me to finish my blanket folks. Till next time!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oh No He Didn't?!?

Why yes he did. Scott has finally got walking down. I'm so proud of him. Now the only issue with him walking is that he tries to run. I worried he's going to bust his face on something. But he does seem to have it down.

Also I've notice he really loves stacking toys. Johnny got him a stacking bucket set from Tupperware when we were at the fair. He loved the baby chicks too :D. But yes, once we had Scott and those buckets on the floor it seemed like he was occupied for hours. Which on the plus side, gave me time to learn a new hobby. Crocheting! I'm actually pretty good at it though my first project looks all crocked.

I figured I'd share this bit of randomness with you guys. Now it's picture time!!

Mommy Update!

Well hello there lovelies!Again I apologize for me missing in action, been busy lately.

So I know I haven't kept up lately but i'll explain why. In my last post I recently got a job at one of the dollar stores and was super excited about that. Well it didn't end too well considering what happened. Scotty had recently got his flu shot and I figured he would be sick but not this sick. M y mom had been watching him for me since my schedule had been crazy. Well I got a phone call from her telling me there was something wrong with Scotty and that I needed to take him to a doctor.

So I packed up his diaper bag and everything I needed to take with me to the doctor and got on the phone with my boss. I had told him what was going on and all he said was that I had a write up when I came back to work. Honestly I couldn't believe it. You're going to write me up for taking care of my child?!? What a jerk. Come to find out Scotty not only had the flu but he had a bad stomach virus. Once I got home I messaged my boss asking when was the next time I come in for work and he never replied. I tried contacting him four times and got no response.

Finally after three days of hearing no word from my boss I figured he must have fired me. Well I was wrong, he sent me a message about 30 minutes before I had to be at work that day. Now I don't know about you but I think it was planned. I was so mad that I told him plain and simple. I quit. Yes I know it was bad to do it this way but I'm sorry if someone doesn't understand that my child comes first then I don't need to bother with them. Since I started that job, Scotty has been going through extreme anxiety/abandonment issues. Every time I would get dressed for work he would scream and cry and it would break my heart.

As for those wondering was the hubby upset that I quit my job, yes he was disappointed but he understood what I was dealing with. He said, "I don't blame you for quiting. I would have done the same." I was so thankful that he was understanding as he was. So now that I'm out of a job, John and I agreed that it would be best that I stay home with Scotty until he starts school or something like that. What do you think? I think its good to stay home with him while he's still young. What are you're thoughts?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Early Holiday Craze!

Ok so everyone knows the holidays is just around the corner and honestly I'm super duper excited!!! I've been feeling so good about this year it's unreal. Mommy finally got her a job and can spoil little Scott Wayne to death all she wants. Yay!

So I know there's been a big gap between my last post and this one but I have been having technical difficulties lately so sorry for the delay guys.

Anywho, I know the big holidays are still quite a ways away but who can resist holidays when you know you are going to have so much fun with them? I know I can't. So I've been doing a little online browsing for Scott's wish list and I found some really good ideas on what I want to get him. Yes I know he has a veggietales addiction just like I do, but he also loves sesame street. I found a toddler bedroom set online and I absolutely want to get it for him though I don't think he's ready for a toddler bed. What do you guys think?

I think I might go ahead and grab them while they're still on a good deal so he can have them. I'm just ecstatic about everything that I think I may have lost my mind. I don't know folks, I've already grabbed holiday cookies... Does it seem like I've gone mad?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mommy's Day Off

So I have a surprise for Scotty this week.

I went on a veggietales spree and also picked him up a prize. Take a look! Do you think he'll love these?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

This Is The Cutest Idea Ever!!!

I am not kidding you folks, what I found today has got to be the cutest club house(s) I've ever seen!

How I came to find this oh so wonderful Idea was browsing through Pintrest. You will always catch me looking under the DIY tab. So I'm just looking around for little home crafrs and boom! There it was. This awesome picture of a clubhouse.

Now I know what you guys are thinking, that I am our of my poor little mind. But I think this would be one of those things the whole family can enjoy for years. I know Scotty is only one, but come on you can't say this isn't cool! Plus this isn't the only design. The link on Pintrest brought me to the home page and its They have a variety of clubhouses or cubbies as they like to call them.

The also have a variety of toys, swings, you name it to go with each and every cubby. I will have to admit that the overall price made my heart sink a bit because these things are quite pricey. (They're close to $3000.) I honestly think they're worth the amount if they're going to last me years to come. Maybe this momma better start saving her pennies because I don't think I really want to pass this awesome clubhouse up. I think dear ole Johnny wouldn't mind having a project to do for our little guy, but I do think he may say something about the price. Yikes! 

But in all honesty I think I might get something like this for the boy because 1) that would give me so many brownie points for being the coolest mom on the block and 2) Johnny would love to do something this cool for Scotty. So hopefully I can be cool and pull through and possibly get this for the boys. Who knows I might even play in it too! 

So what do you guys think, yay or nay?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Live For Little Moments Like That...

As you know Johnny works quite a bit and Scotty misses him oh so much. I know I miss him too when I'm working too but we have to work for things to get paid. Well Even though Johnny doesn't get to spend a bunch of time with little man, today I witnessed the cutest thing from those two.

These things warm my heart so much that all I can do is smile. Oh and after Johnny left Scotty decided he wanted to help with laundry again. He didn't fool me this time, he didn't fool me into the never ending basket again.

After the never ending pile of laundry, it was bath time. Johnny had got Scotty a new bath toy. Its one of those stacker things. But this is made of foam stars. Scotty had such a blast with it until he accidentally broke the stand for it. Shhh!! Don't tell Johnny!

Well Little man is all tucked in bed and fast asleep as I should be too. Good Night! Stacy

Fun Times With The Kids

I am being so honest when I say this but I am a horrible cook. The other night when I had the kiddos, I had decided to make cupcakes. I followed all the directions on the box and still managed to screw up my favorite thing. They came out fine but once the cooled its like they were so hard that if i threw one at you it would hurt. I know it sounds silly and that I'm just beating myself up about my cooking, but it was pretty bad. I'll admit I had a blast making them and frosting them. The kids sure enjoyed it, but I still can't get passed the fact that they're hard as rocks. Lord knows I try though so I think that's all that matter. Even though I'm not the best at least I am willing to try my best and have fun with the cooking I do do.

Well  lovely followers, I should be cleaning but again I am blogging. Hopefully hubby doesn't find out! Oh I forgot the news! Scotty now has eight teeth! Today was his first dentist appointment and the doctors absolutely adored my little man. I will have to say he is the biggest flirt for as young as he is! Well the doctor says that all his teeth are good and that I can move him up to the big boy toothbrush, which he isn't too thrilled about. He cries when I tried brushing his teeth tonight with the training toothpaste. The only bad news from the visit is that one tooth of his is chipped. poor baby. They said not to worry about it, but you know me I worry about everything when it comes to my boy.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Blogging With Scotty.

So this morning I was just going to babble on here about how Scotty was doing but in the process of getting the computer on, he wanted to press every button on my key board.
I had to catch these moments because I thought they were just too cute. Scotty is watching his VeggieTales movie right now (thank you Lenore! he loves them!) and I have just a little time to post this. Again I know I'm not on much but I will be posting as much as possible guys. Till next time! Stacy

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Family Portraits!

And one of my favorites...
Ho you enjoyed these as much as I did!

Summer Time Blog Clean Up!

Hello lovely followers? So I have been looking at other mommy blogs and I came across this lovely blog called mommy's little sunshine. its run by a woman named Mikinli Hatch. its adorable! I came across her blogs through Pintrest go figure? Well the article that caught my attention immediately was the one that stated she made it through her pregnancy without a single stretch mark. I saw that and said to myself "I need to know how she did that!" So I clicked the link for her site and boom! There was so much amazing things she had done as far as pictures, DIY's, and so much more.

 Now I have to say I'm comparing my blog to hers and I look at mine and think my god my blog looks bad compared to hers. But I should know better than to think that because we are two different ladies and have different likes. Only she has an amazing looking blog and wonderful ideas for the kiddos. Now she is my inspiration to get on the bandwagon of blogging more! Now the main reason for this post was to get the opinion of my followers, should I clean up and delete certain blogs or leave them be?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Random Post!

Hey guys how are you?! Good I hope. Now time to sit down and have a talk... I am so sorry my blog looks so out of whack. phone and needless to have been updating my blogs through my phone. photo to blog ratio sucks. So I apologize for folks. Also I have been pretty busy these last few weeks so I haven't been updating too much.

 SO THE BIG NEWS! So this momma has been looking for a job for about a year now. Yes I know what you guy are thinking, "GEEZ, it took her a year to find a job??". Well to be quite honest I've wanted to stay home with little Scotty for a while. I wanted to stay at home with him till he was in school and we had enough money for me to do so, but dear hubby hit a bump in the work road (no he didn't lose his job)and is needing super moms help. (that's me!)

 So I got a job at the local Dollar General. I'll be honest I'm a little skeptical about working retail considering I'm only used to fast food. It's way different and the crew i worked with today was awesome. I have to say I did really good my first day. I'll Go into detail about my day on my other blog considering this blog is for me and my family and I want to keep it family friendly as much as possible. Hope to see you soon my lovelies!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


So this month I finally got to actually sit and watch a veggie tales movie. I never really got to watch the movies and shows as a kid and now that I've seen one, I want them all!

It all started from 3 movies Scotty got for his first birthday, RobinGood, sweet pea beauty, and Josh and the big wall. These three movies had me hooked. They're kiddo friendly and they teach good lessons. Also they're church friendly which was awesome. So I went onto the veggie tales website and found an awesome amount of movies, books, and educational things to teach my son about God in an easy to learn fun filled movie. Or should I say movies? As I was browsing the movie section I came across the veggie tales DVD library. I have to say I got a bit excited when I saw the thumbnail for this item. It comes with 42 different titles! I was so excited I looked at the price and soon as I saw it my heart sunk. It's over $400. I thought maybe I could get this for his Christmas gift. But I understand why it would be so much. Because these are the movies it comes with.

Twas the night before Easter.
Abe and the amazing promise.
Are you my neighbor?
The ballad of little joe.
The complete silly song collection.
Dave and the giant pickle.
Duke and the great pie wars.
An Easter carol.
Esther...the girl who became queen.
Gideon: tuba warrior.
God wants me to forgive them!?!
God mad you special.
How to draw with Bob and Larry.
It's a meaningful life.
Tomato sawyer and huckleberry Larry's big rescue.
Josh and the big wall.
King George and the ducky.
Larry boy and the bad apple.
Larry boy and the fib from outer space.
Larry boy and the rumor weed.
The little drummer boy.
Lord of the beans.
Lyle and the kindly Viking.
Madame blueberry.
Minnesota Cuke and the search for Samson's hairbrush.
Minnesota Cuke and the search for Noah's umbrella.
Moe and the big exit.
Rack, shack, and Benny.
Princess and the popstar.
Sheer luck Holmes an the golden ruler.
A snoodles tale.
Saint Nicholas - a story of joyful giving.
Sumo of the opera.
Sweet pea beauty.
The star of Christmas.
Where's God when I'm s-scared?
The wonderful wizard of ha's

Full length movies:
The pirates who don't do anything.

So I could get all these amazing DVDs in one lot but still the price makes me upset. I would love to get all these for Scott because they have such good meaningful lessons in them plus he would have a lot of fun watching them. I know I am!

Well see you guys later! Here's a picture of the set!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Scotty is One!

So today was the big one for him. I'll admit I had a blast but I could completely would have been better if people would have left me alone and quit being rude to me. To my dear followers who were there I am not talking about you. Just to make that clear.

I thought Scotty was spoiled already but today just put the cherry on the cake. He got so many clothes it wasn't funny. All those nice shirts are from Scotty's girlfriend Madison. She sure wanted to make him look like a sharp dressed man! Or should I say sharp dressed little man? Well he did get toys too! Lol I am so glad he didn't get the crazy noisy toys like my cousin said I would end up getting. Instead I got a lot of early learning toys which was awesome!

Now I have to admit all the gifts were great but I think my dad, grandpa Eddie outdid himself for this first birthday. He bought Scotty a four wheeler. No no not the real thing you goof balls but the kids size. It's a lightning McQueen one. And let me say it's pretty neat lol.

And how could I possibly leave out Nonnie and coppie's gift.... Toy story picnik set. It's so cute! I've always dreamt of getting my boy something like that and now my loving in laws got Lil man one! It's awesome!

So I just want to put out there that I had a blast and Scotty had a blast. Thank you for coming out!

Ooh oohh!!! Picture time!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Mommy Blues.

No lovely viewers I'm not sad. Ok maybe a little bit but I have reasoning why. As I was checking on Scott (he's in his big boy room now yay!) to see if he kicked the covers off, I was ticking him back into bed when I baby will be one in a few weeks.

I'm excited for him turning one then again I'm sad because it all flew by like a quick breeze. It's been one heck of a year and Scotty has grown a lot. I think I still haven't come to realize this little boy I created is going to grow up?!?! But I'll admit I have enjoyed watch my child flourish. I know he's not that old but there were some pretty big milestones I got to see! Crawling is a big thing for a momma! Lol. Same goes with words.

I've gone through so much this year and good or bad ill still cherish this year for the rest of my life. My son has become the biggest part of me and I will do anything for him. Ok enough of me talking and more pictures!!!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Watermelon Cake!

Ok I was on my favorite website and I found the most adorable cake ever! It strawberry cake that looks like watermelon! I know it's obvious but it's just too adorable.

Well from what I can tell it'll be an easy desert to make. It's pretty much strawberry flavored cake mix, icing, jelly beans and chocolate chips. But I figured I could make my own twist on it considering I can't stand buttercream icing. I'll swap it with cool whip instead. I'll just add pink food coloring a bam! You have pink icing. Same goes for the green part of the "watermelon".

Next ill put the chocolate chips in the middle and I'll be done. But I want to find a food flavoring to make it taste like watermelon but I don't think Betty Crocker has any. Well I can still look.

So I'll try and make this for Scott's birthday just to have a side treat. I don't know how big of a hit it will be but I can sure try it!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Just Another Day In Paradise!

Let's start from last night…
Scotty fought sleep like you wouldn't believe. He finally passes out around 11. I prayed to God he would sleep in. He did! Only wish I knew what I had I'm store for my wake up call. Poopy diaper malfunction! Lol

I'm not kidding, Scott managed to get poo everywhere lol. On his pillow, his blanket and all over him of course! Well I took him into the bathroom to get cleaned up and once he saw the tub I was in for trouble. He wiggled and squirmed so much that I ended up with poo all on my arms. I'll be honest if I wasn't used to this I would've been mad but I just laughed and got his bath water going.

After his morning bath Johnny made him breakfast, eggs. We say down and watched the land before time 2 gear valley adventures. Scott paid no mind to it but that's ok.

Well he's been acting funny today he constantly wants to be held. I don't know if it's because he's not feeling food or if he just wants to be held but it's driving me a tad bit bonkers! Lol I love him though. He was fighting sleep so much lately that im not sure what's going on. But he'd asleep right now thank god lol

Well just wanted to update you guys!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Girls Night: Guilty or Guilt Free?

So today I was able to get a mom break. It was wonderful! I got to go swimming and out to eat at IHOP. I also got to just relax and talk about things I can only talk to friends about.

Now I feel guilt knowing that I could be home with Scotty and soaking up mother and son time. But I Really believe that I deserve a break from all the craziness I call motherhood. I feel like sometime people criticize me on being a bad mom when I let my mom watch Scotty when I want a little me time. I know I'm not a bad parent it's just sometime I feel like he needs to be with me 24/7. Other patents may disagree and say "you need you time" but sometimes when you feel like everyone is watching you, you don't want to be labeled " the mom who pawns her kids off".

That's just something I never want to be labeled… I love my son more than anything it's just sometimes I need a break too.

Now here is where I feel guilty...
My mom called me a few minutes ago saying that something was going on with Scotty. She said that he's got a big red spot on his forehead and that she thinks that it's the reason he's being so cranky. Ok so my first thought was "oh my god Stacy, he's having an allergic reaction to something and I totally didn't see it!"

I feel so guilty and that it's my fault. I feel like if I didn't go be selfish and have me time Scott would not not be feeling good.

Scott is with me now and he seems to be in a better mood but I still feel guilty. So I am still debating was girls night wrong or guilt free.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Something Strange is Going On.

So lately I have noticed that something has been missing for four months now…

Yes its that friend every woman looks forward to meeting. I have a feeling it's from stress being too tired , you know different things that would postpone that visit.

Well lately I've noticed a few things that have been affected. I'm more sleepy now. Everytime I eat something I get naseaus. So long story short I have a feeling a bun is in the oven.

Now keep in mind I took seven stick tests and one blood test and they were a bit crazy with results. 2 stick tests came up positive and the rest negative so I was very unsure of things.

Now here it is June and I find myself having most of the symptoms but I'm pretty sure I'm not and it's just a virus. But I'm pretty much denying it like I did the last time I was pregnant and didn't find out till I was 3 months along.

I'm not sure if I will be ready for another one if I am pregnant again, but the signs are pretty clear and I don't know how everyone would look at me.. I'm debating on weather or not keeping it a secret if I am. At this very moment I'm not sure but I hope to find out really soon. I just hope no one would be mad at me.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Patience is a Virtue.

So even though we spent all day yesterday cleaning out that bedroom for Scotty he refused to sleep in there. So though his crib is in his new room I still had to pull the playpen into my room and put him to bed in it.

Don't get me wrong I know it'll take some adjusting but boy did he throw a huge fit! I felt bad letting him tire himself out by crying but sheesh he knew I was there and I wasn't going to let the "boogie man" get him.

And I thought I had bad anxiety? I think he has it worse than me lol. But that's ok because deep down inside I don't think I'm ready for him to be in his own room. *Sigh* I know he's growing up but the middle bedroom just seems so far away. God I really didn't know how scared of watching this little person I created grow up so fast... His birthday is in a month and I'm so not ready to say " my baby is one!" I kind of just want him to stay little lol. But that's not how it works.

Oh how I'm so scared of what the future holds for this special little boy. I'm am blessed to say that he's my son and that I am able to watch him flourish in life. Gee I just realized I'm babbling on and this was supposed to be about asking for tips on how to gradually get Scott comfortable in his new room lol. I guess this blog has also become a semi-journal.

Well he's sleeping peacefully in my room and I should be off to bed as well.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Coming To Terms.

Ok so I never realized how much stuff a person can obtain until you rearrange your house! I'm not fond of this but Johnny loves doing it. He says it cleans the house better. Point proven lol.

Well any who. Today we did a major clean and rearrange in the house and let me tell you I am exhausted! We finally cleaned out the middle bedroom for little Scotty so he can have his own room. I will be honest and say I'm not ok with it because I'm so used to having him in my room, but he needs his own room now. It's still messy but it's a work in progress for the next few days.

So let's be honest… I am freaking out that I won't have him close by any more. Yes I know he's in another room but it's just not the same. First I had to deal with the scary experience that he's in front of me and not in my belly now they want me to put him in his own bedroom?!?! Oh my gosh I swear I almost had a heart attack!

I'm the kind of mom that thinks little things can happen ok? I have this fear that I won't be able to hear him when he cries at night now. I also fear that he'll fall out of the crib, that he'll feel lonely and scared. I know he's growing up but AHHH!!!!! I'm a nervous week people! I have no idea how to deal with the anxiety that he's not in the same room. I really need some relief from this scary thought.

Also I'm a little excited yet scared that he'll be one this coming July. Now I'm excited that he's growing up yet scared of how the future is going to go. I just don't know how to deal with this anxiety! HELP!!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Laughing at Landon!

Yes this is about my hilarious nephew! Ok so as I was typing up my recent post, Tammy was talking to Landon about our fish, Black widow. Yes I know that fish has a strange name but there's reason behind it lol. Well Landon was telling her how he fed the fish and Tammy and I ask him "uh.… how much did you give him?" Landon said, "I shook it ten times!"

Tammy bolts to the fish tank and starts laughing. I walked out of my room to see what she was laughing at and asked "so how much did he feed widow?" she replied "well uh he fed him enough."

So I look in the fish tank and the whole top layer of water was covered in fish food! I turned to look at Landon and I asked "are you trying to kill our fish?" He shook his head yes lol.

I had to laugh and share this because the small story behind this goldfish is that we bought him along with 9 other goldfish. We brought them home and next thing you know all our fish wound up belly up. Well all but him. So we went out and bought him some more buddies. Same thing happened. So we did it a third time, but this time we watched closely… This little fish is EVIL! It killed the other fish! So from then on his name was Black widow. We make jokes on how long is this fish going to last but who knows! Lol!

Decisions, Decisions.

So this past year I have been awesomely given the job of mommy. Though it has crossed my mind for the past ten months on weather I get a job or take on the duties of a stay at home mommy. Well let's be honest I would love the opportunity to spend each and every day with Scott to enjoy all his firsts. And so far I have, but I still felt bad about not bringing any income into the house. So in April I found a job as a dishwasher. It wasn't great but it was still a job and it made me feel better knowing I could buy things for my boy. Well as time went by every time I was at work all I could think about was staying home with Scott. I'm not spending enough time with Scott.

So I ended up leaving my job, well I was fired under ridiculous circumstances. Though I felt like a failure, my love had said "don't worry everything will be ok, just focus on Scotty." I felt very uneasy about him saying this because deep down I really knew where he was getting at. Stay at home mommy. The thought raced through my mind for weeks and I felt like I was unsure. I want to give him the best and I feel that way if I'm working, but maybe being super mom isn't whats best? What if god had intended me to be a stay at home mom? I was unsure of this for quite sometime until here recently my love had got a new job. He had told me that "if you want to go to work I won't stop you, but I would prefer you stay home with our son."

That very moment everything was clear. I knew in that very moment what would be best and what I thought was right. I have made the decision to stay home with my baby boy. I'm sure a lot of people think it'd be better for me to work but my mind is made up. Plus he's only this small once. And I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Exciting Firsts For Momma!

So here it is 12:50 pm and I'm waiting on my boiled eggs to cool so i can dye them for little Scotty and the rest of the kiddos for Easter tomorrow. I will admit I'm supper excited for his first Easter! I know its silly but hey, hes only going to be this age once so why not?

Well lets get into the exciting first time mommy my little man just turned 8 months old the other day and I'll admit I really can not believe hes that old. The time has flown by so so fast. Makes me want to tear up a little... Well any who, on April 1st his first tooth pooped through! I couldn't believe my eyes! My little baby boy got his first tooth. Its one of the bottom ones. Now I know this sounds so mean of me to say but I really can't help but laugh when I see him smile now because i am so used to him with no teeth. Now to see him with that one lone tooth its really hard not to laugh....

Another awesome thing he did this week was he pulled his self up on my leg. Yay! hes just a growing so fast it blows my mind. And to make things more exciting is that boy is mobile! Yes I said it, mobile! Hes crawling everywhere and there is no stopping him. Hes also built up his word book to three words. I'm so proud my baby is so so smart! He knows Mama, Dada, and Nana. I bet his next word will be no considering he gets into everything and that's pretty much the only word he hears.

So these past few months have been an amazing gift and I wouldn't change it for the world. Now I have to finish the eggs for the kiddos...So good night peoples! God Bless!!