Thursday, November 29, 2012

Scott Wayne Is Angry!

Hey guys! So normally Scotty likes to have these days that me and hubby love to call daddy days because he will be latched on to John like a leech. I know its mean to say it like that, but its 100% true. Well, today sure wasn't a daddy day at all. You see on a normal daddy day Scotty is all about daddy since he works quite a bit during the day this week. So all I have been hearing out of that cute little boy is "Daddy daddy daddy!" Which is fine by me because I know Scotty misses him.  Well the reason today turned out to be a mommy day (yay! I finally get one!!!) is because John somehow managed to make little guy mad at him....

Scotty always wants to play in the toilet water. Eww I know haha! Well John puts up a baby gate so he can't get into the toilet. (we don't have a door to our bed room bathrroom) As soon as Scotty realized what daddy did, thats when the tantrum started...

Oh lord, never have I seen this boy mad at his daddy before and I hate to say I laughed. I couldn't help it, it just came out. Next thing I notice is John trying to make him feel better by holding him. Which usually always works. Not this time. Scotty was pushing him away, crying, and hollering for me. John and I both looked really confused. Scott wanted a "mommy day"? I will admit I've waited so long for Scott to want a mommy day! It was awesome!

However that shortly changed when my mom called to ask how we were doing and as soon as Scott heard his Nana, mommy day was said and done with. My mom couldn't even hear what I was saying because Scotty was saying "mommy mommy Nana Nana!" Which of course I know what follows that sentence. So...we took a ride to Nana's house. He had such a good time over there, though I don't think moms cats liked it too much.

But that was our eventful day. Hope you had a wonderful day and a wonderful night!

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  1. So glad you got a lil Mommy time but love that he also got to see his NaNa! Isn't it fun to see all of his personality emerging.