Wednesday, August 31, 2011

From Pregnancy to Motherhood

A month ago I was awaiting the arrival of my precious son, Scott Wayne. Now I am enjoying the time of being a mommy! So after everything, I would love to share my experience of finding out I was pregnant to the very moment of birth. December 23,2010 I had found out I was going to be bringing a life into this world. Telling my husband I was pregnant was the scariest yet greatest thing I had ever done. It was scary because we both were young, but it was great because we had always talked about having kids. We thought it would never happen due to medical issues. Well since I had found out I was pregnant by a home test, we wanted to make sure when the due date was. So off to the doctor we go! January 10,2011 was the day we saw our sweet little baby.
Once we saw the sonogram we immediately fell in love and from the picture, we then had our nickname. He was our little turtle. From that day on all we looked forward to was the day we would find out the gender. During the time we waited I got a taste of pregnancy I never knew about...morning sickness. This wasn't as bad as everyone had made it out to be because I wasn't constantly sick. However, whenever I did get sick, I got really sick. it was to the point I didn't want to get out of bed. I couldn't eat mexican food, the slightest smell of cigarette smoke, and the heat (yes the heat! I live in Texas where it's hot as heck!). Almost five months along, I finally went to the doctor to find out what my precious turtle was going to be! I wanted a girl so badly and my husband tricked me into thinking he wanted a girl first as well, well before I found out the gender I was having dreams of having a boy. So in my mind I knew we would be having a boy, but I still wanted to see what the turtle would be. As me and my mother-in-law were waiting the technician was stalling. I had the feeling she'd surprise me....and she definanlty did. Turns out I was right. I was going to be bringing a precious baby into this world and his day to arrive would be July 31,2011.
So after that day all I could do was wait for his arrival. So doing so, I found myself becoming a night owl. I couldn't seem to find myself going to bed until four in the morning. So my husband and I would go and hang out with his friends. We did this for quite some time. I got bigger and even more uncomfortable as the pregnancy went on. Well finally I got to the point of having braxton hicks contractions everyday. I was in and out of the hospital everyday the week before I went into labor. Urg, it was miserably unbearable. So going through all that, the day finally came. The morning of July 30, 2011 I went into labor. At 9:00am my mother calls me acting crazy asking "have you gone into labor yet? Are you feeling pain yet?" Keep this in mind I didn't go to bed until 7 that morning. So I got mad and hung up. Thirty minutes the contractions start. I thought they were cramps so i ignored it and went to sleep. 12:30 I woke up puking. I had no idea what had hit me until i sat down. My contractions were 2 to 5 minutes apart. I quickly woke my husband telling him we had to go and now. Once we got to the hospital I was admitted in at 3. at 3:30 the doctors induced me. I wasn't even dialated to a 3 :(. So after I was situated in my room, all me and my family did was wait. In the mean time I wasn't allowed to eat anything. This made me pretty grumpy because everyone was bringing snacks and food and everything else into my room! Finally the nurse came in and gave me a shot to reduce my pain. No it wasn't an epidural, everything was natural. Once i got that shot I was higher than a kite and passed out. All i remember was waking up every so often to hear people talking, checking my dialation status, and pain. This continued to go on until 5:15am the next morning. I called the doctor 3 times before she came in. I was ready to push. The doctor took her sweet time getting prepared to deliver...she told me I'm going to tell you when to push. Haha no ma'am, as she was telling me this i had already started pushing. I was so exhausted i just wanted to lay there and give up. Luckily 3 pushes and my son was here! My friend who was waiting in the waiting room, said I screamed like someone was trying to murder me( i screamed once). My son arrived at 5:26am. Needless to say it was the happiest moment of my life.
I could never ask for anything better.