Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Things That Go Through My Head On A Daily Basis

So the title may seem odd but what i mean by it is the conversations or thoughts i share with my unborn son, Scott. I am finally in that stage where I can feel this little boy move. And move a lot might I add. And I'll be honest i get quite mad at him sometimes, but i still love him <3! They say it feels like "butterflies" or "bubbles". It's not that i don't believe them its just the idea of butterflies in my stomach....yea not so much. If butterflies felt painful I'd believe you because when I was young "butterflies" in your stomach felt nice...not the way I am about to explain it. You see I have already experienced the bubbles, it tickles a lot. But however my idea of what people call "butterflies" is way different than yours. To me it hurts like here's how the scene went:

Me: (laying on the bed talking on the phone)
friend: (carrying on the conversation about game characters)
Me: (screams in pain) "oh my god!" (if you were on the phone you would have heard a "thud")
Friend: "what??!?!? Are you alright???
Me: "Of course not! I feel like Sygorney Weaver in alien!"
Friend: (awkward silence) "....uhm why?"
Me: "My son won't stop moving and it feels like hes gonna pop out my stomach at any moment!"

So yes, i admit i compared my son to an alien. I'm sorry if that offends anyone but that is seriously how it felt. I know its apart of motherhood but geez...when he moves its like hes thinking.."Hmmm...which way should i hurt momma today?" or better yet "oooh! momma's in the grocery store! If she doesn't grab anything I like I'm gonna kick." I promise you that my boy plots on me while he sits there bored in my tummy. Especially at night! if I'm really tired he feels the need to break dance or practice soccer/football. So all I have to say to him is this, "YOU HAD BETTER LIKE SPORTS!" If not then all that kicking was just pure evil. I love him none the less. I just hope he likes sports or something creative. I was never into all that, I was a artsy band nerd >.< but honestly i think he'll do good in whatever he chooses. I just wish he was here already so I can hold him (and so he can stop torturing my muscles and bones...and of course my bladder.).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just my thoughts...

I couldn't write this and not cry like a baby...You see back when you and i used to talk about having a baby, you sounded all excited and now that were actually pregnant things are way diffrent. You used to talk about how you would do this and that and I just dont see it. Its like everything you said and promised has gone out the window. Not saying youre doing anything wrong its just I thought youd be around a little more often once everything happened. I thought youd actually be here for all the special moments like when i found out the gender...I begged you to come but you had school. The first heartbeat you werent there. All the appointments you couldve been at, you missed. Like today...i really felt the first kick, like really felt it and you missed that too. It all just hurts because i thought youd be more involved. And what i dont understand is that i live with you and you miss so much. i dont understand why its like we are strangers just sleeping in the same bed, living in the same house. But yet you miss out on so much. Im not bitching or being hormonal i just wish you were here more. I understand that you have work and school but with the little time you are around or home...its like youre still not even here. I just wish youd stop missing out on the special doesnt feel good to experience them alone.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Beauty of Food and How Evil It Can Be

SO last night johnny brings home Wendy's! I haven't had Wendy's In forever so im supper excited about it. So once he gets in the room the first thing I notice is the frost! Oh my god(!) was it good too. Well anyways he's busy setting things up for us to eat (isnt he so sweet?) and I'm busy scooping frost into my mouth then all of a sudden *splash!* johnny had spilled his drink yet again. You know that guy has the worst luck with drinks in our bedroom. Like for real, every time he has a soda he always spills it right after the first sip. I really feel bad for him. Its like he has murphy's law when it comes to drinks I just don't know. Well he cleans up and we finally sit and get started watching Dragon Ball GT (go figure? of all shows to be watching ha ha). So as we're munching down on our meal and about half way through i realize i am tasting more grease than the actual chicken sandwich. This absolutely grossing me out i got up to find my drink (who has indeed grown feet and walked away >.>) and walking right by the trash can, i stop and yet again *splash* (I'm being nice so you don't get grossed out folks!). Ugh....i thought the morning sickness was over with by now. So after I have my episode i climb back into bed and start ranting about how fast food restaurants shouldn't leave their chicken sandwiches in the damn grease so long! john is over hear laughing at me by the way, so i get even more frustrated and rant some more. Which brings me to the other time food was evil to me....last time johnny brought home wings (yum!) well he did not specify that they were hot. So as I'm munching on these bad boys, I guess they were too hot for the baby so up they go. And let me tell you folks i thought they were hot going down but man were they even hotter coming back up. and what makes me more upset is how my throat hurt for the next week :( This is How evil food can be.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Missadventures with Tammy, Savannah, and the kids!

So today i had to go with the family to pick up landon and T.K. Well you would think since its 3 females we'd gossip the whole way there, but no not too much. The funny stuff starts after we leave nonnie and poppy's. I dont recall what order this all went on in but its alot and bare with me. So as were going through town, Vannah asks landon if hes hungry? And the response to come out of this kids mouth i would expect to hear from a four year old. He says and i quote "I need chicken and fries!" This being the funnniest thing ive heard all day, come on youd laugh too, literally made my day. So before we got this kid his chicken and fries we had to stop to get johnny his dr. pepper and T.K.'s cookies. While we're waiting, landon is screaming his head off about wanting to go inside with Vannah. So i said "we'll go get your chicken here in a minute" He responds "NO! I wanna go get it!" me laughing i said well momma will be back in a minute and she take you to go get it" He of course just wants out of the car with momma. So I said "you ready to go get it (After seeing vannah walk out the store) ?" He says "yea can I get out?" So further on the road were all eating and talking and god forbid landon drops a french fry. So he starts undoing his saftey belt in search of this darn french fry! Well anyways we finally get him settled and back in the safety belt. On to the next funny thing....The radio! Some song comes on and all i know is the chorus says "damn, it feels good to be me!" Well heres where the super funny part comes. Landon starts jamming out and i swear it looks like he knows EXACTLY what this song is talking about. Which i wouldnt put it past him, this boy is such a ladies man. haha. well as were all thinking how cute this is, he finally finds his french fry! I guess good things come to those who wait? hmm who knew? well as we get a little closer to home, Vannah lets Landon play with her shades> well he starts whacking them babies up against the side of the car door. Vannah tells him. " landon if you break mommas shades ill cry." And i swear this child is the funniest kids alive! He looks at his momma And screams, not tells here, "CRY!" I on the other hand tried hard not to laugh but come on its funny. Well the last thing i do remember is he had a strip of bubble wrap. i asked him could i wrap him up and send him to me? and he said yes :p

So instead of my normal segment of wanting to punch folks This spot is to give my nephew a 5 star rating of funny!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bump Blog: 19 weeks.

I know i have neglected to get on this thing and update. So all in all here is my awaited update. So today out of boredom reading over some of my other pregnant friend's facebook updates i recall seeing one where she sugessts a movie. Documentary more or less. But anyway! Its called pregnant in america. Its about this couple who do all the resaerch about the pros and cons about hospital deliveries. So as i am watching this, i soon realize that having your baby in a hospital sounds alot more scary then people make it out to be. Like for example: a doctor on the documentary said that it was actually cleaner to have your baby at home than in a hospital. Why? Because its more sanitary at home. Did i really just hear that??? I always though it was clean at a hospital and turns out its actually carrying more bacteria than i thought. Which came to mind and i asked "hmm who knew?" well as the couple continues their research they begin to decide that theyre going to have an at home birth because its more natural. And in todays society i didnt know that the c-section rate is up 33% can you believe that? i thought everyone wanted natural? but turns out that doctors will lie to you about your dialation status if they want to go home or just too tired. When i saw this i was pissed! because the doctor is the only one who can tell you how far you are. i thought to myself oh if a doctor tells me that i will demand the nurse to check me and i will demand the truth! i refuse to have a c-section absolutely refuse! I will go into the delivery room singing "i will survive" if i have to damn it. well as the documentary goes on the expecting father goes around asking more questions and opinions of others and their doctor that they had told this woman shed have to have a c-section because her pelvic bone was too small. This however made him wonder and ask other doctors could she still have natural birth. So he ventures out to other hospitals and as he explains to other doctors what his wife's doctor told them they begin to laugh at him and question his schooling. If that were me id knock a bitches block off!!! but id get sued >.> So anyways come to find out they have the baby naturally at home with little complication until the baby has breathing problems etc. So the doctors keep their daughter in ICU for a week not letting either parent know i a diagnoses or anything. For a week! id be demanding answers and by god id get them! So after they're released from the hospital their total bill was $22,000 dollars (around there). i am very disappointed in hospitals nowadays. Very disappointed.

People I Want To Punch:
OK so during this documentary towards the end anyhow the father tells about how all the nurses wanted to hold the baby and so on. seriously what the fuck?! the mother and father should be the ones to hold their newborn child1 unless you are doing some kind of medical thing you are indeed the last person that should be holding that baby. And i dedicate this portion of people i want to punch to the nurses that man was talking about. Id be pissed to if some nurse i didn't know want to hold my child for no good unknown reason! So indeed nurses i want to punch you so hard in the face!!!!!!