Friday, July 1, 2011

Well....this is awkward

So I noticed I've been M.I.A For quite some time now, but only because I thought my laptop was out of order so to speak. But anyways I know all of you were wanting to know how I'm doing in my last few weeks of mommy-to-be-ness. So here we go...

It has been quite the emotional roller coaster ride need I say,but things aren't always bad. Sometimes they're so sweet that I indeed want to cry, but isn't that how pregnancy is supposed to work? I believe so. Well moving on, I have four weeks left. Yikes! I honestly can not believe it. I'm actually rather sad because i feel like it went by extremely fast. I mean seriously, i had only found out i was ten weeks and six days in January. Now I have four weeks left. *Sigh*, this may sound odd but i wish it would have went by slower, but now that I'm about to pop heck I'm ready! Just like Spongebob :) The only thing I'm really worried about is after little Scotty is here. I'm already self conscious about how I look as it is, so lets go ahead and add stretch marks :( I have this feeling that Johnny won't see me as anything other than "pretty". Yes he does tell me I'm beautiful and things like that but I really don't feel it. Right now I just see myself as an over weight penguin. Hell make up doesn't even make me feel pretty anymore and that's saying something right there! Especially if you know me really well and know I'm pretty much obsessed with make up. Its just not doing its job for me now days. Its become just a hassle for me cause all I see it as now days is something else I don't need to worry about. I've got way too many things to worry about and stress over. Like sleep for example. And that's another funny thing, here lately I've been sleeping all day and completely wide awake at night. I think my son is telling me that he will NOT be a night time sleeper at all! If this is the case I'm leaving johnny to deal with the night time since he stays up all night. Hopefully johnny is indeed right and we have a good baby. Not saying I wont love Scott if hes a very fussy, bedtime fighting baby. I'm just hoping he's well behaved like some other babies I've seen. Johnny thinks he'll be a quiet baby for the simple fact he doesn't kick when johnny would like him to :) but that's OK. But I'm sure those two will have a bond like no other and that makes me happy just thinking about it :)