Monday, February 11, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside.

Yes it's is! Good thing me and little guy are inside and snuggled up. Well since he passed out a little bit ago I thought it would give me time to work on my blanket. Well baby blanket. I finally figured out how to do the waves. The term for it is the ripple afghan. And I did it in rainbow colors. I'm excited because it took four months to figure out since mommy dearest didn't want to teach me her tricks. But that's ok she is amazed I learned how to do it from a book haha!

Well update on pregnancy #2, I have slowly gotten out of the morning sickness routine and my stomach has become more settled. So yay! Also baby is the size of a big plum so that's progress. I've been trying to keep myself relaxed and happy so I don't have to much uncomfortableness. Hence why I started a baby blanket.

Crochet just seems to make me relaxed and feel good. Makes me feel like I'm being the cool mom who can make my kiddos their Harry potter scarves when the time comes lol! I'm so weird I know but I'm sure my children will love the Harry Potter series, I know I did!

Speaking of books, I've begun to teach Scotty the ABC's though I don't think it's going too well. I do know I want to try one letter a week to see how we'll that goes. Maybe I need to spend more time on one letter? Let me know what you guys think? I've got the perfect alphabet book set to to get things flowing, disney board books! They're 26, one for each letter. I'm excited to see how far me and little guy will get with this new thing.

Hopefully Scotty naps for a good while. So ill be back, I'm going to go work on the blanky.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Good Morning!

Oh yes it's been a very good morning so far. I've been so tired and sleep deprived to remember to do anything so yep that's why I've been away. Lets go into further detail and explain why I've been sleep deprived... Scotty has been going through this phase for a few weeks now and he skips naps and refuses to go to bed at night till the late hours. And I've tried everything to get him back into the swing of things and it just doesn't seem to work.

Of course I know it would take him a little bit to get used to the new house but good lord! How long does a kiddo need? Well anyways my mom says the reason Scotty has been acting out ( refusing naps and bedtime, refusing to eat, throwing tantrums and random outbursts of crying) is the cause of two things, terrible twos and the fact he knows I'm pregnant. She says he's got it in his mind that someone is going to take his place.

I don't know about anyone else, but can a child this young (18 months) know something like that? I mean that sounds so bizarre to me that a toddler would have that intuition this early. Or maybe I'm underestimating my toddler? I really don't know any more. All I know is I've been super sleepy and Scott's been a whirlwind of energy that I just can't keep up with lol.

Another thing that's been going through my mind is, what kind of books or articles are out there about second time moms? I can't seem to shake the feeling Scotty is going to be extremely jealous of cub#2 even if he's involved with everything. I'm not even sure if the what to expect when..books will even help reassure me at this point lol. Maybe I need to bust out one of the chicken soup mommy edition books out that lovely Lenore gave me?

Who knows? I'm just a hot mess in my mind lol. But back to Scotty's issue with the new 'tude he's got going on....he will get mad at his Legos and scream at them. He's mean to the cat and surprisingly she keeps coming back to love on him. I've cut down tv time and switched it to quiet time with Disney books. I've tried it all and finally today well last night actually, he decided to sleep all night for the first time in forever lol. I was so happy! Also one thing I've been trying to get Scott to stop Doug is "breaking" his board books. You know the tiny ones for babies and toddler? Yea those, for some reason he will use them for tethers and winds up taking them apart.

I don't want him to have a bunch of chewed up books but what can I do? Those little books are very educational for him. (He got the ABC's of Disney books where each letter has it's own book) I just can't get him to stop tearing them up and taking them away just makes it worse. What do you other mommas suggest I do?

Friday, January 25, 2013


Ok I've come to the conclusion that the people who write the parenting books clearly don't have kids of their own. I know this comes off a little harsh but I've read article after article on what to expect while expecting the second child, and by god they act like staying calm and relaxed is the easiest damn thing in the world.

It's not. And yea I know I'm gonna get that saying "it's never going to be easy as a parent" stuff and honestly it's not! I can't get Scott to take a nap to save my life and it's driving me nuts! I am so tired. No I'm not staying up late. He wants to skip naptime and fight bedtime and I'm ready to rip my hair out and scream why won't you go to bed?!?! But that would so not be the right thing to do so I just stay up and deal with it. And it would be nice if John would help out once in a while. Yes I know he works but when he gets home from work it's not like he can't watch Scott for ten minutes so I can get a shower in.

This weekend probably won't be better because he's wanting to get the house in order an he's going to want me to do quite a bit of work and all I'm wanting is just a simple nap. I'm not asking for much. I find it hard to keep calm about everything when he can go to work and then decide to go hang out with his pals when he clearly knows I'm at home with Scott and tired as can be.

Yes I know I sound a bit controlling but also I'm jealous that his friends still want to hang out with him and my friends have completely dropped me off their friend list. Ugh. I don't think I have any friend that's a mom that gets what I'm saying but yea. Sorry for the rant I'm just uuber uuber tired.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oh, Ive Miserably Failed!

Yes dear followers I've failed my attempt in blogging everyday. A lot of it being from stress and lack of sleep. Seriously guys, no matter how early I go to bed I still end up waking up at 5:30 every morning laying in bed hoping for a miracle ill fall back asleep. Which sleep never comes sadly. I guess my body is preparing me super early for cub #2.

Which honestly it doesn't bug me too much because I'm used to getting up early any way. Scotty has been getting up around seven or eight lately rather than one or nine thirty like he usually does. Now I wouldn't be so grouchy if I could sleep without back pain, lost feelings in my legs, and hubby to stop pushing me out of bed. I know he doesn't understand that I have severe hot flashes but geeez! Back of the the Eskimo covers! (He like to cover us up to our necks ugh)

So honestly I've been at home cleaning my but off because the nesting stage came early. Like really early, a week after I found out. And the one thing about the new house I can't stand is I can't get rid of this yeast smell! It drives me nuts! I have scrubbed, mopped, sprayed just about everything to get rid of it and nothing helps. It'll go away for a few hours and then in the dead of night like something awful, the smell will wake me up. Hunny can't really smell it so its just my supper sniffer can.

Well another thing I've been doing got the past few days is looking for organizing ideas for the kids rooms. I'm so excited to redo the kids rooms once Savannah get her stored items out of the house. Seriously I already have a plan for cub #2 room. Depending on boy or girl the color will have to wait, but still doesn't stop me from getting furniture and Pre organizing. I have so much planed! And since I'm only 7 weeks, I have plenty of time to do it, yay!

So pretty much my big projects deal with the closets. I plan on adding another shelf and rod to maximize clothes space. Since they are huge why not add extra rods for hanging clothes? I've gotten to the point where I can't stand not being able to find clothes in drawers. So my new thing has been "all clothes hung except socks and undies!" Now I know with babies you can't hang their diapers (unless cloth, which I'm debating on) but you can hang anything of there's with sleeves and it's awesome on drawer space.

My number one thing I was bad about my first go with Scotty, was never having enough socks. I hate baby socks because they go to Narnia while in the dryer. But if I have plenty of drawer space ill be able to locate bibs, socks, mittens, hats, and possibly booties. So I'm hung ho for the closet project. Hopefully I stick to the plan lol. Which I'm determined to now that I'm in the new house.

Well I know I talked a lot but hey I'm excited! Ill see you guys soon!!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

New House, No Internet, No Happy Mommy.

Well I'm not not happy, I'm happy we got into the new house, happy we found out about baby number 2 and happy that I'm out of the other house. So hopefully all from now I'm happy happy lol! Me and Scotty are watching you story 3 right now and honestly I'm surprised he's actually watching the movie instead of running all over the house. Which he loves! Yay!!!

So as of right now the only flaws about the house is I'm waiting for the water to be cut on. Also were on that stupid Pre pay electricity which is a bummer because I can't use anything too much. Yes I know I'm bad when it comes to lights.

Aside from all the bummer stuff about the house, I'm excited to say ill be 7 weeks Sunday. And I know I went over board but I'm already looking at room decor since we have two spare rooms. Which I never thought I would be using it for a nursery. Go figure? Well I've found one for a boy that I like and then I found one for a girl that I literally have my heart set on. But all I'm waiting on is finding out the gender in a few months.

And anybody who knows me probably knows how much I love my animal prints. And I'm not just a zebra freak, I love all the cute prints that are out there. Lol. For a boy I liked finding nemo but I realized that that one has turtles on it and Scotty is my turtle. I want new baby to have its own theme lol. At first I wanted to go with penguins but that would've been really hard.

So well just wait till the time comes. Till then here are some pictures!

Monday, January 14, 2013

I Have News!!!!!

I'm expecting baby Webb #2 September 1st!!! Isn't this exciting?!? I know last time was traumatic for me with the miscarriage but apparently God wanted me to have another one lol. Now I know I'm only six weeks and a day pregnant, but I've already wanted to do some mild shopping.

I know it's early but I'm excited. Are you? The only thing that hurts feelings is my side of the family don't seem so enthused as me. And it's sucks but it happens. I just wanted to inform my lovelies about my news!! Y'all have a good night

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Late night post!

I'm only posting too let you know I'll have a more in-depth blog tomorrow. Mommy isn't feeling good. Plus MIL won't shut up yelling at the dogs.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Ear Aches, grumpy mommy and Scotty, Oh My!!!

Oh yes it's been a day. Got up to let daisy go potty and of course she jumps the fence. So I'm outside chasing her for thirty minutes urgh...luckily mom had Scott this morning. So after that mess, my mom bright Scotty home and we've been watching the lorax.

But shortly in the middle of the movie my ear starts to hurt BAD! I'm not lying it's hurts so bad I want to cry. Scotty on the other hand has been a crying mess and I'm not sure what to do. The only thing that's working is sugar water. Milk, juice, and kool-aid aren't even an option.

We're laying down now and I think he fell asleep. Oh! He's out alright, wrapped in his blanket like a burrito legs hanging off the bed and everything. It'll look different in the photo because I moved him. Isn't he a cutie?!?

He's also been getting along with Cupcake really well since we got her. Yes I named her Cupcake lol. I won't put what I was going to call her, because it's not nice and she's mean lol.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Revenge Of Mommy Rant!

That's it I've had it! No I will not be nice in this post at all! I'm so mad and disgusted that its not even funny! This time it doesn't even involve the pets barking, but a small chihuahua that I've yet to see go outside for a potty break.

So anyone that knows me well enough knows that I can't stand if one of Scott's things has been either
A) washed with Landon's clothes
B) gotten ahold of by one of the dogs
C) taken without permission

And reason being for those reasons is Landon's clothes sometimes reek of urine or feces. That's not always his fault though he's still learning to properly use the restroom. Getting mad about the dogs is obvious because they'll chew up everything. And the last reason drives my nerves because someone very close to the family took a bunch of clothes that I bought and took them. Yes I know that they no longer fit Scotty, but what if I was keeping that for potential baby #2?

Yea well back to the reason I'm so mad... MIL has this chihuahua names cocoa. And since she's been here I have yet to see her potty outside like the rest of the dogs. But for some wild reason she feels the need to piss and poop all on Scott's things! Like I can't tell you how badly I wanted to throw that dog outside on the runner. I do my best to keep Scotty's things well clean and kept and ill be damned if some jealous dog is going to to mess up his things. Like the rug for example, cocoa pissed on the rug four times and pooped on it too.

Once I pointed it out to MIL she pretty much shrugged her shoulders. Urgh!!! Why must hunny be related to people who just don't care about others possessions?? Urgh it drives me nuts. I don't want to wake hunny up to gripe about it but I'm so annoyed. I never treated her stuff with disrespect. Her $500 pan set from orgreenic, I always took care to make sure they never got scratched and were washed immediately.

It's like she doesn't take it into consideration that my son, he "grandson" plays in that room on that carpet that your dog pretty much destroyed! She must not understand that it's a health issue. God please make this week hurry, I need to get away from this house.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another Rainy Morning.

Lord what is up with all this rain?!?! Why rain? It's never snow. Well anyways, woke up to the rain and hubby being loud... I swear this house just produces loud spawn. He comes home and immediately starts flapping his gums. Really, John you can't be any quieter? So he ends up waking up Scott at 8:30 and honestly that just doesn't fly with me. Scott didn't gal asleep till almost 12:30 last night. He's like me when it comes to sleep, go to bed late wake up late. That's just how Scott is.

Well John wakes my poor little man who is in no more a good mood than I am. And then rolls over to go to bed. ( he's working night shift this week). Are you kidding me? Scott isn't going to roll over and go to bed with you! Lol. But even though Johns a butt for waking Scott I'm ok though. Scott isn't feeling all himself today so it's movie day!

We've been watching toy story 3 for a while, I think after ill put on the new lorax movie. Have any of you guys seen that movie? If you haven't you need to because its so darn cute!!! It's got these singing fish who do the mission impossible theme. They kind of remind me of the minions from despicable me, adorable!!! The movie was beautifully made. There's so much color and it keeps Scott's attention.

I honestly can say I wish I saw it in theaters. Scott's excited because he sees me looking for the remote, so he knows what's going on. He keeps saying "yeah!" He's such a goof ball but I love him so much. That little boy is my world.

If this site had a recorder I'd record what John is doing. He'd be mad if I did it but its funny. He's snoring his butt off and Scott keeps trying to squeeze his nose shut lol. God I have crazy boys! Oh hey by the way, How's the weather?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rain. Sweet Rain.

Oh the relaxation rain gives. I've been so stressed that the rain actually helped calm me down. Hints why I missed my post yesterday. You see I was practically in tears yesterday because a small note was on the house. The dreaded "eviction notice". Now to clear things up, me and hubby have never been evicted nor received notices like this. The house is originally hubby's sisters, but we are in the process of switch names on the lease.

So we drive by to drop of more things and that little note was on the door. I knew it was too good to be true. Way too good to be true. But later on that day hubby and his sister got everything all squared away. MIL thought I was overreacting when she saw that I was close to tears. I seriously wanted to throw my shoe at her.

But that's all taken care of. Now today I've been woken up to crying kids, not Scotty. Barking dogs, obnoxious cat and rain. Rain I could have dealt with but the crying, the cat, and the dog with anxiety issues just drove me nuts. I don't understand why this family likes small dogs. They're annoying. Cute but annoying.

Now Scotty and hubby are both pushing me out of bed and I'm about to lose it. I'm tired but Scotty doesn't know better. Hubby does and he got pushed for it. I'm just so tired. Scott has been going to bed late, stress with MIL living here, moving, you name it. I've just become so tired.

I need a getaway for a weekend pamper and massage. Oh that would be the day! I can't wait to go on a massage parlor thingy lol. Oh, one day.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I Sometimes Just Want To Scream!

Yes I know my blogs have been far from nice, but I can't stand it anymore! MIL constantly has been doing things to drive me nuts. If you're going to use something of mine or Scott's, ask me first!!! It's not your property so don't feel free to use it.

I just want out of this house away from her. Away from her telling me what I can and can't do. Acting like she's so much better than everyone. Urgh! I don't care if she just had surgery, she has no right acting like she's queen of the world. I didn't even act like that after I had Scott and had 47 stitches, couldn't walk and couldn't go potty. Yea I was uncomfortable but I didn't act that way.

I'm just so ready to move so I can do what I want they way I do it. She gripes about how I do things like cleaning. Well he'll at least I get it done. I may not do it your way but it's done regardless. She just wants me to do everything her way and it's complicated and takes too long.

Maybe one day Ill get away from her nonsense. One day I can get away from that mouth and trash talk. Ugh one day!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sooo Tired.....

So I've been up for about 20 minutes now and I'm sure not happy about it. Scott woke up because of one of the dogs and let me explain how that happened.

So MIL wanted to let daisy, our youngest but largest dog, into the house last night. Yes I know it was cold last night but daisy doesn't like being indoors hints why so many problems! Because MIL didn't let her back out daisy has made noise from nine thirty last night till shortly after I woke up. Are you freaking kidding me? MIL got up several times in the night to smack daisy to make her hush. Well Jesus woman let the damn dog out.

So instead of getting sleep like I should've been, I kept getting woke up by "go lay down!!!!" I guarantee that she's going to gripe about me cleaning today and I'm not going to have a whole lot of patience. I held my tongue all yesterday. And just one day with her here is enough. I'm so ready to go clean the new house and move in already.

Just urgh! I'm so exhausted....Scotty is bright eyed and awake due to MIL and it's about to drive me nuts. Sometimes I wonder if I can just find a place out in the country where none of hubby's family knows where. No offense step monster lol. The family here has just driven me so nuts its insane.

Most of this is coming from a very aggravated tired mom who stepped In dog puddle this morning because MIL doesn't know how to use common sense and leave the big dog outside. Sorry for the blah this morning

Friday, January 4, 2013

So, This Couldn't Wait Till Tomorrow.

We got a kitty! Isn't she pretty?!?!?

Not My Kind of Morning.

Ugh, I now remember why I don't like living with her. When she's here, I have no heads up when she's babysitting and whose staying the night. Also when she's here Nobody believes in respect and privacy. Seriously, how I was raised you don't come over unannounced and just walk through the door without knocking.

I will be so glad that ill be moving into a house that I can lock the front and back
door. Ours here doesn't lock. It drives me nuts! And I tried sleeping in to just drown out the sound but all the stomping.... God all the stomping it just won't go away.

Now It's not that I don't like the kiddos it's just so early for this. I just have to tell myself it's only s few more days. Right? Just a few more days?

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Oh dear my lovely followers, I'm sorry I missed yesterday's post! Scotty decided to get mommy's charger wet and my phone died! But I'm back now!!!

So lets recap the events of yesterday. Scotty's nana was almost late getting us to his well check up eek! But we made it on time yay. So all was well with doctor Clark and I found out Scotty isn't sick but has a typical runny nose. Thank god lol. Doctor Clark also informed me that Scotty is in the 85% percentile. How cool is that? My little man is a big boy for his age.

Then before we left, he had to get three shots. He sure wasn't a happy camper afterwards. But since my mom has powerful nana powers, she mad him feel all better. That's why he never wants to come home lol. She's the one who spoils him rotten! So he indeed stayed the night.

So today I was supposed to be cleaning , but that didn't happen. Instead I went to grandma Kathy's house and socialized with her for hours. It was nice getting out the house for a bit. Then hubby got off work and took me to get a new charger. Yay! We also had to make a spare key for the car. In the process of doing this, I found the cutest printed house keys ever!!! They had cupcakes on them. Johnny said he'd come back and make me a house key with the cupcake design and the key chain that goes with it. I'm excited.

Now I'm back at home eating my very veggie meal hubby made writing this. I plan on reading my book tonight, but watch me pass out lol. Y'all have a wonderful night!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Busy Bee.

Oh yes today isn't even over yet but it's still going to be busy. I have to take Scotty to see doctor Clark today for a routine check up. Then I have to wait for hunny to come home so we can get so errands done. Which by the way, is it me or has time passed extremely slow today?

I've been up since 6:45 so to me the day has been dragging on. Scotty has been getting into everything today and been driving me bonkers, but I still laugh cause he tried using a book for a teether, my knee and those round stackable donut things to bite on. I feel bad for the munchkin I do, but there's only so much this momma can do.

Also I've been in the process of getting him off the bottle and boy let me tell you, Scotty is smart! He knows I like him to stay dry so what he'll do is push the plastic top down in the cup so it leaks. It seriously make me want to give the bottle back which I shouldn't do.

I am just so OCD about him staying dry. I know he's a boy and he's going to get dirty but Grrr. I can't stand it lol. Oh!!! Another thing that will be keeping me busy for the next two weeks is packin.g. Yea you heard that right, packing! So I figured out the house I'm moving into, our cousins are moving out of today!! So once they're moved out we'll be moving our stuff in and moving mother in laws stuff here where I'm at now.

So I don't have to set my self on fire or lose a tongue lol! I can't even explain the excitement I have. Hopefully the plan stays that way. If not I may just cry. So ill be packing my happy little tail off just to make sure it goes to plan so I'm not stuck with mother in law for the rest of January.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's 2013!

Happy new year! So today begins my journey for blogging 365. I'm so excited are you? Well I hope you are because I'm ready to blog my butt off this year!

So lets start of by talking about New Year's Eve. Ok so I didn't do much like normal because I don't see the big deal about partying and drinking till you can't stand. So me and hubby just stayed in and watched movies. The movie of choice was pretty funny and an interesting way to bring in the new year. It was the newest resident evil movie.

Romantic don't you think? Lol. But I'll admit it was really good. And once 12 o'clock hit of course I got my kiss! We didn't stay up to much longer because I was so tired. I did enjoy myself to my liking. Hopefully you guys had a wonderful New Years.

I can't think of more to put so ill see you guys soon! Have a wonderful day!!