Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's 2013!

Happy new year! So today begins my journey for blogging 365. I'm so excited are you? Well I hope you are because I'm ready to blog my butt off this year!

So lets start of by talking about New Year's Eve. Ok so I didn't do much like normal because I don't see the big deal about partying and drinking till you can't stand. So me and hubby just stayed in and watched movies. The movie of choice was pretty funny and an interesting way to bring in the new year. It was the newest resident evil movie.

Romantic don't you think? Lol. But I'll admit it was really good. And once 12 o'clock hit of course I got my kiss! We didn't stay up to much longer because I was so tired. I did enjoy myself to my liking. Hopefully you guys had a wonderful New Years.

I can't think of more to put so ill see you guys soon! Have a wonderful day!!

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