Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rain. Sweet Rain.

Oh the relaxation rain gives. I've been so stressed that the rain actually helped calm me down. Hints why I missed my post yesterday. You see I was practically in tears yesterday because a small note was on the house. The dreaded "eviction notice". Now to clear things up, me and hubby have never been evicted nor received notices like this. The house is originally hubby's sisters, but we are in the process of switch names on the lease.

So we drive by to drop of more things and that little note was on the door. I knew it was too good to be true. Way too good to be true. But later on that day hubby and his sister got everything all squared away. MIL thought I was overreacting when she saw that I was close to tears. I seriously wanted to throw my shoe at her.

But that's all taken care of. Now today I've been woken up to crying kids, not Scotty. Barking dogs, obnoxious cat and rain. Rain I could have dealt with but the crying, the cat, and the dog with anxiety issues just drove me nuts. I don't understand why this family likes small dogs. They're annoying. Cute but annoying.

Now Scotty and hubby are both pushing me out of bed and I'm about to lose it. I'm tired but Scotty doesn't know better. Hubby does and he got pushed for it. I'm just so tired. Scott has been going to bed late, stress with MIL living here, moving, you name it. I've just become so tired.

I need a getaway for a weekend pamper and massage. Oh that would be the day! I can't wait to go on a massage parlor thingy lol. Oh, one day.


  1. Oh I understand when it rains it pours. Kiddos there? Isn't today a school day? Or is it other kiddos from a different family. Also isn't your MIL recovering from a surgery still. Should she be babysitting? Is that too much for her? Hope that the move to the new house happens soon for you. It will be something that will lessen your stress. About missing yesterdays post do you know you can go back and post a make up post (ie a pic of that lovely lil man) and change the date in the options on the lower right side when writing the post. It will help you keep your 365 days of blogging goal.