Sunday, January 6, 2013

I Sometimes Just Want To Scream!

Yes I know my blogs have been far from nice, but I can't stand it anymore! MIL constantly has been doing things to drive me nuts. If you're going to use something of mine or Scott's, ask me first!!! It's not your property so don't feel free to use it.

I just want out of this house away from her. Away from her telling me what I can and can't do. Acting like she's so much better than everyone. Urgh! I don't care if she just had surgery, she has no right acting like she's queen of the world. I didn't even act like that after I had Scott and had 47 stitches, couldn't walk and couldn't go potty. Yea I was uncomfortable but I didn't act that way.

I'm just so ready to move so I can do what I want they way I do it. She gripes about how I do things like cleaning. Well he'll at least I get it done. I may not do it your way but it's done regardless. She just wants me to do everything her way and it's complicated and takes too long.

Maybe one day Ill get away from her nonsense. One day I can get away from that mouth and trash talk. Ugh one day!!!


  1. At least you know of the things you do not wish to become...take it as a lesson in patience. Remember it is only for a time and then you will be in your own home. It is hard I know. Have had some run ins like this during my life and I have had to try very very very hard to behave like the LADY I am.

  2. I know, I just try to be appropriate and it just hasn't been working for me