Thursday, August 30, 2012

This Is The Cutest Idea Ever!!!

I am not kidding you folks, what I found today has got to be the cutest club house(s) I've ever seen!

How I came to find this oh so wonderful Idea was browsing through Pintrest. You will always catch me looking under the DIY tab. So I'm just looking around for little home crafrs and boom! There it was. This awesome picture of a clubhouse.

Now I know what you guys are thinking, that I am our of my poor little mind. But I think this would be one of those things the whole family can enjoy for years. I know Scotty is only one, but come on you can't say this isn't cool! Plus this isn't the only design. The link on Pintrest brought me to the home page and its They have a variety of clubhouses or cubbies as they like to call them.

The also have a variety of toys, swings, you name it to go with each and every cubby. I will have to admit that the overall price made my heart sink a bit because these things are quite pricey. (They're close to $3000.) I honestly think they're worth the amount if they're going to last me years to come. Maybe this momma better start saving her pennies because I don't think I really want to pass this awesome clubhouse up. I think dear ole Johnny wouldn't mind having a project to do for our little guy, but I do think he may say something about the price. Yikes! 

But in all honesty I think I might get something like this for the boy because 1) that would give me so many brownie points for being the coolest mom on the block and 2) Johnny would love to do something this cool for Scotty. So hopefully I can be cool and pull through and possibly get this for the boys. Who knows I might even play in it too! 

So what do you guys think, yay or nay?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Live For Little Moments Like That...

As you know Johnny works quite a bit and Scotty misses him oh so much. I know I miss him too when I'm working too but we have to work for things to get paid. Well Even though Johnny doesn't get to spend a bunch of time with little man, today I witnessed the cutest thing from those two.

These things warm my heart so much that all I can do is smile. Oh and after Johnny left Scotty decided he wanted to help with laundry again. He didn't fool me this time, he didn't fool me into the never ending basket again.

After the never ending pile of laundry, it was bath time. Johnny had got Scotty a new bath toy. Its one of those stacker things. But this is made of foam stars. Scotty had such a blast with it until he accidentally broke the stand for it. Shhh!! Don't tell Johnny!

Well Little man is all tucked in bed and fast asleep as I should be too. Good Night! Stacy

Fun Times With The Kids

I am being so honest when I say this but I am a horrible cook. The other night when I had the kiddos, I had decided to make cupcakes. I followed all the directions on the box and still managed to screw up my favorite thing. They came out fine but once the cooled its like they were so hard that if i threw one at you it would hurt. I know it sounds silly and that I'm just beating myself up about my cooking, but it was pretty bad. I'll admit I had a blast making them and frosting them. The kids sure enjoyed it, but I still can't get passed the fact that they're hard as rocks. Lord knows I try though so I think that's all that matter. Even though I'm not the best at least I am willing to try my best and have fun with the cooking I do do.

Well  lovely followers, I should be cleaning but again I am blogging. Hopefully hubby doesn't find out! Oh I forgot the news! Scotty now has eight teeth! Today was his first dentist appointment and the doctors absolutely adored my little man. I will have to say he is the biggest flirt for as young as he is! Well the doctor says that all his teeth are good and that I can move him up to the big boy toothbrush, which he isn't too thrilled about. He cries when I tried brushing his teeth tonight with the training toothpaste. The only bad news from the visit is that one tooth of his is chipped. poor baby. They said not to worry about it, but you know me I worry about everything when it comes to my boy.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Blogging With Scotty.

So this morning I was just going to babble on here about how Scotty was doing but in the process of getting the computer on, he wanted to press every button on my key board.
I had to catch these moments because I thought they were just too cute. Scotty is watching his VeggieTales movie right now (thank you Lenore! he loves them!) and I have just a little time to post this. Again I know I'm not on much but I will be posting as much as possible guys. Till next time! Stacy

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Family Portraits!

And one of my favorites...
Ho you enjoyed these as much as I did!

Summer Time Blog Clean Up!

Hello lovely followers? So I have been looking at other mommy blogs and I came across this lovely blog called mommy's little sunshine. its run by a woman named Mikinli Hatch. its adorable! I came across her blogs through Pintrest go figure? Well the article that caught my attention immediately was the one that stated she made it through her pregnancy without a single stretch mark. I saw that and said to myself "I need to know how she did that!" So I clicked the link for her site and boom! There was so much amazing things she had done as far as pictures, DIY's, and so much more.

 Now I have to say I'm comparing my blog to hers and I look at mine and think my god my blog looks bad compared to hers. But I should know better than to think that because we are two different ladies and have different likes. Only she has an amazing looking blog and wonderful ideas for the kiddos. Now she is my inspiration to get on the bandwagon of blogging more! Now the main reason for this post was to get the opinion of my followers, should I clean up and delete certain blogs or leave them be?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Random Post!

Hey guys how are you?! Good I hope. Now time to sit down and have a talk... I am so sorry my blog looks so out of whack. phone and needless to have been updating my blogs through my phone. photo to blog ratio sucks. So I apologize for folks. Also I have been pretty busy these last few weeks so I haven't been updating too much.

 SO THE BIG NEWS! So this momma has been looking for a job for about a year now. Yes I know what you guy are thinking, "GEEZ, it took her a year to find a job??". Well to be quite honest I've wanted to stay home with little Scotty for a while. I wanted to stay at home with him till he was in school and we had enough money for me to do so, but dear hubby hit a bump in the work road (no he didn't lose his job)and is needing super moms help. (that's me!)

 So I got a job at the local Dollar General. I'll be honest I'm a little skeptical about working retail considering I'm only used to fast food. It's way different and the crew i worked with today was awesome. I have to say I did really good my first day. I'll Go into detail about my day on my other blog considering this blog is for me and my family and I want to keep it family friendly as much as possible. Hope to see you soon my lovelies!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


So this month I finally got to actually sit and watch a veggie tales movie. I never really got to watch the movies and shows as a kid and now that I've seen one, I want them all!

It all started from 3 movies Scotty got for his first birthday, RobinGood, sweet pea beauty, and Josh and the big wall. These three movies had me hooked. They're kiddo friendly and they teach good lessons. Also they're church friendly which was awesome. So I went onto the veggie tales website and found an awesome amount of movies, books, and educational things to teach my son about God in an easy to learn fun filled movie. Or should I say movies? As I was browsing the movie section I came across the veggie tales DVD library. I have to say I got a bit excited when I saw the thumbnail for this item. It comes with 42 different titles! I was so excited I looked at the price and soon as I saw it my heart sunk. It's over $400. I thought maybe I could get this for his Christmas gift. But I understand why it would be so much. Because these are the movies it comes with.

Twas the night before Easter.
Abe and the amazing promise.
Are you my neighbor?
The ballad of little joe.
The complete silly song collection.
Dave and the giant pickle.
Duke and the great pie wars.
An Easter carol.
Esther...the girl who became queen.
Gideon: tuba warrior.
God wants me to forgive them!?!
God mad you special.
How to draw with Bob and Larry.
It's a meaningful life.
Tomato sawyer and huckleberry Larry's big rescue.
Josh and the big wall.
King George and the ducky.
Larry boy and the bad apple.
Larry boy and the fib from outer space.
Larry boy and the rumor weed.
The little drummer boy.
Lord of the beans.
Lyle and the kindly Viking.
Madame blueberry.
Minnesota Cuke and the search for Samson's hairbrush.
Minnesota Cuke and the search for Noah's umbrella.
Moe and the big exit.
Rack, shack, and Benny.
Princess and the popstar.
Sheer luck Holmes an the golden ruler.
A snoodles tale.
Saint Nicholas - a story of joyful giving.
Sumo of the opera.
Sweet pea beauty.
The star of Christmas.
Where's God when I'm s-scared?
The wonderful wizard of ha's

Full length movies:
The pirates who don't do anything.

So I could get all these amazing DVDs in one lot but still the price makes me upset. I would love to get all these for Scott because they have such good meaningful lessons in them plus he would have a lot of fun watching them. I know I am!

Well see you guys later! Here's a picture of the set!