Thursday, August 9, 2012


So this month I finally got to actually sit and watch a veggie tales movie. I never really got to watch the movies and shows as a kid and now that I've seen one, I want them all!

It all started from 3 movies Scotty got for his first birthday, RobinGood, sweet pea beauty, and Josh and the big wall. These three movies had me hooked. They're kiddo friendly and they teach good lessons. Also they're church friendly which was awesome. So I went onto the veggie tales website and found an awesome amount of movies, books, and educational things to teach my son about God in an easy to learn fun filled movie. Or should I say movies? As I was browsing the movie section I came across the veggie tales DVD library. I have to say I got a bit excited when I saw the thumbnail for this item. It comes with 42 different titles! I was so excited I looked at the price and soon as I saw it my heart sunk. It's over $400. I thought maybe I could get this for his Christmas gift. But I understand why it would be so much. Because these are the movies it comes with.

Twas the night before Easter.
Abe and the amazing promise.
Are you my neighbor?
The ballad of little joe.
The complete silly song collection.
Dave and the giant pickle.
Duke and the great pie wars.
An Easter carol.
Esther...the girl who became queen.
Gideon: tuba warrior.
God wants me to forgive them!?!
God mad you special.
How to draw with Bob and Larry.
It's a meaningful life.
Tomato sawyer and huckleberry Larry's big rescue.
Josh and the big wall.
King George and the ducky.
Larry boy and the bad apple.
Larry boy and the fib from outer space.
Larry boy and the rumor weed.
The little drummer boy.
Lord of the beans.
Lyle and the kindly Viking.
Madame blueberry.
Minnesota Cuke and the search for Samson's hairbrush.
Minnesota Cuke and the search for Noah's umbrella.
Moe and the big exit.
Rack, shack, and Benny.
Princess and the popstar.
Sheer luck Holmes an the golden ruler.
A snoodles tale.
Saint Nicholas - a story of joyful giving.
Sumo of the opera.
Sweet pea beauty.
The star of Christmas.
Where's God when I'm s-scared?
The wonderful wizard of ha's

Full length movies:
The pirates who don't do anything.

So I could get all these amazing DVDs in one lot but still the price makes me upset. I would love to get all these for Scott because they have such good meaningful lessons in them plus he would have a lot of fun watching them. I know I am!

Well see you guys later! Here's a picture of the set!

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