Friday, December 9, 2011

Words Of A Sleep Deprived Mommy.

Lil man still will not fall asleep. Its 2am! sheesh normally he goes to be by 11 and is out for the night,but ugh....I'm tired and the little butt wont go to bed dang it. But seriously I am dead on tired. And from the looks of it, its going to be a long night.

Random Laughing And New Foods.

So today as I'm cleaning the bathroom, I hear just random baby giggles. Peeking out the curtain that covers my bathroom, I see Scotty just laughing away at absolutely nothing. Really? Now I'm confused as ever. Who or what could this lil man be laughing at? A few people say hes talking to the angels and his uncle and poppa. At this point I believe it! I sent my hubby a txt telling him our son has been laughing for no reason, johnny txt me back "That's my boy lol"

Yesterday when Scotty's grandma came home and broke out the swiss rolls! You should have seen his face...he saw it and eyes got real wide. So Grandma gave him a taste of the cream filling, he went wild! He looked a little like this.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Scotty has been teething the past few days and lets say hes been in one of those god oh mighty grouchy moods. Well hes trying to be a good sport about it all. Instead of doing things the easy way with baby oragel and triminic fever reducer. he just wanted to shove anything he could get his hands on into his itty bitty mouth. Especially my hand. While I was holding him earlier, he would keep grabbing my hand and gnawing on my knuckles. I'll go ahead and admit hurt. Now here's the funny part, as I'm playing and giving the little man kisses, he bites my nose! Ouch....

Friday, December 2, 2011

Its Not Easy Being Green

Or is it? Well to Scotty its easy as pie! So here's what happened, as dinner time came along I Started getting his meal ready. Juice, check! Garden veggies, check! Bib, check! spoon, double check!! I plop lil man in his high chair and begin the chaos. Now keep in mind this little boy is smart. Like really smart. He wont eat anything unless you are using the orange spoon. Oh yes hes gone orange? Yup! Hook em' Horns lol. Anyways, I am on the first spoonful with him and what does he decide to do? yep thats right he sneezed. Thus getting veggies all over his face, me, the high chair, and somehow managed to get food on the back of his head. Crazy right? Yes, but that only the beginning! As the meal goes on he start making this whining sound. I'm over here trying to figure out what hes whining at and hit me. I apparently am not feeding him fast enough. So I speed up the pace a little bit, not too fast though. Now this little boy thinks mommy is playing with him at this point. so he starts smiling and his food comes spilling out the sides of his mouth onto his bib. I try to feed hi the last little bit of veggies and hes now playing peek-a-boo. As he has his mouth full of his last bite he goes to cover his face with his bib and at the last minute he sneezed into his bib spewing food all over his face. Now I have to admit I've never seen a greener baby in my life, but after I got him cleaned up this is what he looked like...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baby Food and BathTime!

Hello lovlies! Its been quite some time since I've been on here you know with being busy with the mommy duties. SO last time I posted something little Scotty was a little over a month old, now since a good chunk of time has gone by, I can now tell a bunch of fun stories in on go. Yay! So where to begin?..Hmm...Oh yes, well since he is 4 months old today I tried a new food with him. Meats. Doctors normally will say don't feed him till hes 6 months old but I'm sorry I didn't go by the "rules". My son was hungry so I acted like any mother would and fed that boy. Yes some may think I'm wrong for feeding him really early, but nothing would satisfy him. So food we went to. Lets just say we have a happy baby! He's such a good baby its unbelievable. Well any who, back to my story....I was sitting there trying to introduce baby chicken to him, normally this boy will eat anything you show him, but for some reason this time was different. I put just a teensy bit of the meat on his spoon and gave it to him. The reaction on his face was literally the saddest face I've ever seen him make and he burst into tears. I felt so terrible that I thought I did something wrong. With all this going on dear ole hubby of mine is NOT helping at all what so ever. He looks at Scotty and tells him, "Oh, is mommy being a big ole meanie?"

I wanted to chunk my boot at him! Now that would've been the childish thing to do, instead i got up from the chair and handed johnny the jar of food and Scotty's spoon. He just gives me this puzzled look and I tell him...."If I'm a big ole meanie, then YOU feed him." Shocked, he sits down and tries to do the task I gave him. I tell him "oh hunny its easy" well about ten minutes of johnny trying to get him to eat this baby meat, he comes and gets me and says "he wont eat it." I tried so hard not to laugh but I just find it funny whenever I need help he'll tell me its easy, but when I tell him to do something so simple such as feeding the baby he tells me its easier for me. Hahttp://www.bloha! OK. Whatever you say love. Well i go back in the kitchen and find something different for Scotty to eat since I figured he didn't want anymore of this "new food". Johnny is over to the side thinking I let him off easy and I was going to feed Scotty. NO. It was time johnny learned to do something hard. Well I grabbed a jar of peas, this particular food to this day is still an issue with little man. So round #2! Johnny tries this again. Scotty has the first bite in his mouth and I swear to you he did this on purpose, he held it in his mouth for perfect opportunity, he sneezed with a mouthful of peas in johnny's face. I am not kidding you.The only bad part of my funny moment was Scotty had made a mess of himself. So bath time was a calling his name!

Now that his tub is filled I place him in. He's just splashing away like he normally does, well there was a cup by his feet that he happened to kick out of his tub into the big tub. Since i usually sit on the side of the tub with my feet inside the big tub, what happens....I slipped. That's right I slipped and fell on my butt! I was a little embarrassed but as soon as I saw Scotty laughing and smiling. It wasn't so bad that my whole butt was wet.

OH the joys of motherhood! Its amazing, but I will be back later to share more of my moments with you!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Post Partum or Baby Blues?

So as you may know that the baby blues can sometimes be thought to be post partum depression. Well here these past few weeks I've been confused to which I may have. You see when i first brought Scotty home from the hospital, it hadn't hit me until day 2. Well technically night 2, but any who...I was laying on the couch and Scotty was in the cradle sleeping soundly. I couldn't help but watch him sleep. There's something about it that just calms me. Well back to the point...As I was watching him sleep I just burst into tears. I really had no idea why. All I knew was that seeing him actually sleeping in the cradle instead of feeling him kick and move inside me made me cry. The thoughts than ran through my head were "oh my god, hes able to move and see...what if something hurts him?" and "how am I going to do this mom thing?" It was so overwhelming until dear ole hubby came and held me telling me I'd be OK and that everything would be fine, that I'm just adjusting to this very dramatic change. So i believed him up until yesterday. Needless to say i had a meltdown. I was left alone with my son for the first time in weeks. Well he started crying, i had tried feeding him, changing him, bathing him, rocking him, etc. all of which had done nothing to console my baby what so ever... So I started crying and crying and crying. I just couldn't figure out what was wrong. I kept swearing up and down that I had PPD. Johnny thinks that I am just overwhelmed and stressed. I think its more severe than that because Ive noticed that I get irritated with people very easily. I also noticed that I cry alot and am depressed, sometimes for no good reason at all. Hearing other babies make me want to cry as well. I just don't get it the blues or is it depression?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Bunch of Randomness

Good Morning! So yesterday was Scotty's first road trip ever! However, he slept the entire way there. I don't blame him though, If I could have slept I would have. The drive up there was pretty long and to have a bunch of munchkins in the backseat is entirely a whole other story. So about halfway there after taking a beating from the darn sun, I lose complete feeling in my legs and get that weird fuzzy tingling feeling. You know the feeling you get from sitting down too long and you can't get up because you know you'll fall? Yea that feeling. Around that same time we were listening to music on a potable DVD player (which I happened to drop on my foot >.< but I'll get to that in a bit), singing along to the songs and such when TK starts misbehaving. I figured it was because we had been in the car for promptly an hour and a half and come on now a kids going to get restless at that point and being that age. Well she kept on misbehaving so we took the DVD player from her. Never in my life had I heard a wail that loud...she of course tried to snatch it back and failed miserably. I on the other hand was trying to play authority figure, since her momma was driving, and be serious about her acting right or she couldn't get the DVD player back. I was so smooth I dropped the player on my foot! Can we say ouch! Savannah could not stop laughing at me because she has never seen someone move their leg that fast in her life. Well any who, lets fast forward a bit to grandma Webb's house. I was super excited when we got I could get out of the car! my legs hurt that bad. Well so on we bring Scotty into the house and need I say more but Grandma Webb fell in love with this baby instantly! It was pretty darn cute how she told to me and Savannah that if he ever goes missing we know where to look. I saw what was going happen next as soon as she said it, because Savannah swears up and down that he's her baby. Surprisingly Savannah just looked at her and smiled. After spending time with grandma webb, we then decided to head on over to nonnie and coppy's house. Now as sweet and caring these people may be, you are never prepared for how rambunctious the kids and the dogs get as soon as you walk in the door. So again my little man got to play hot potato with another set of grandparents. He seemed to enjoy his time well spent with the grandparents yesterday because as soon as we hit the road to go home, he was out like a light bulb. Something similar to this...
and this
u As soon as we get home I put Scotty to bed and go and relax in the living room. Oh did I mention we got a new living room set? Well we did and it the most comfortable thing I have EVER sat on. It was so darn comfy that I literally had to sleep on it. Well back to the baby, he stayed asleep until Daddy got home from work. I am surprised that this little boy just knows when to wake up when his dads home. I have No clue to how he knows when he'll be walking through the door. Its cute though because he does the same thing when ever he hears his daddy on the phone. For example one night I was putting him to bed and Johnny calls and as soon as Scotty hears his voice he's wide awake! Wide awake and bright eyed just reaching for the phone as if he wanted the phone to pick him up. Johnny says he sure knows who his daddy is. And I couldn't agree more. So waking up this morning surprisingly still on the couch, I go into the bedroom to check on my boys. Both were dead asleep and sprawled out. Scotty was in the center of my big ole fleece pillow and johnny was just taking up most of the bed like normal, but I always find myself just sitting there watching them sleep. I don't know what it is about them sleeping but its cute seeing them together. It always seems to put a smile on my face. Right now, I am back on the comfy couch watching my son sleep and blogging just a bunch of random snippets of Scotty. I don't think any of you guys mind especially since good sleep has become a thing of the past. All because I like to watch him sleep when I know I should be sleeping too.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

From Pregnancy to Motherhood

A month ago I was awaiting the arrival of my precious son, Scott Wayne. Now I am enjoying the time of being a mommy! So after everything, I would love to share my experience of finding out I was pregnant to the very moment of birth. December 23,2010 I had found out I was going to be bringing a life into this world. Telling my husband I was pregnant was the scariest yet greatest thing I had ever done. It was scary because we both were young, but it was great because we had always talked about having kids. We thought it would never happen due to medical issues. Well since I had found out I was pregnant by a home test, we wanted to make sure when the due date was. So off to the doctor we go! January 10,2011 was the day we saw our sweet little baby.
Once we saw the sonogram we immediately fell in love and from the picture, we then had our nickname. He was our little turtle. From that day on all we looked forward to was the day we would find out the gender. During the time we waited I got a taste of pregnancy I never knew about...morning sickness. This wasn't as bad as everyone had made it out to be because I wasn't constantly sick. However, whenever I did get sick, I got really sick. it was to the point I didn't want to get out of bed. I couldn't eat mexican food, the slightest smell of cigarette smoke, and the heat (yes the heat! I live in Texas where it's hot as heck!). Almost five months along, I finally went to the doctor to find out what my precious turtle was going to be! I wanted a girl so badly and my husband tricked me into thinking he wanted a girl first as well, well before I found out the gender I was having dreams of having a boy. So in my mind I knew we would be having a boy, but I still wanted to see what the turtle would be. As me and my mother-in-law were waiting the technician was stalling. I had the feeling she'd surprise me....and she definanlty did. Turns out I was right. I was going to be bringing a precious baby into this world and his day to arrive would be July 31,2011.
So after that day all I could do was wait for his arrival. So doing so, I found myself becoming a night owl. I couldn't seem to find myself going to bed until four in the morning. So my husband and I would go and hang out with his friends. We did this for quite some time. I got bigger and even more uncomfortable as the pregnancy went on. Well finally I got to the point of having braxton hicks contractions everyday. I was in and out of the hospital everyday the week before I went into labor. Urg, it was miserably unbearable. So going through all that, the day finally came. The morning of July 30, 2011 I went into labor. At 9:00am my mother calls me acting crazy asking "have you gone into labor yet? Are you feeling pain yet?" Keep this in mind I didn't go to bed until 7 that morning. So I got mad and hung up. Thirty minutes the contractions start. I thought they were cramps so i ignored it and went to sleep. 12:30 I woke up puking. I had no idea what had hit me until i sat down. My contractions were 2 to 5 minutes apart. I quickly woke my husband telling him we had to go and now. Once we got to the hospital I was admitted in at 3. at 3:30 the doctors induced me. I wasn't even dialated to a 3 :(. So after I was situated in my room, all me and my family did was wait. In the mean time I wasn't allowed to eat anything. This made me pretty grumpy because everyone was bringing snacks and food and everything else into my room! Finally the nurse came in and gave me a shot to reduce my pain. No it wasn't an epidural, everything was natural. Once i got that shot I was higher than a kite and passed out. All i remember was waking up every so often to hear people talking, checking my dialation status, and pain. This continued to go on until 5:15am the next morning. I called the doctor 3 times before she came in. I was ready to push. The doctor took her sweet time getting prepared to deliver...she told me I'm going to tell you when to push. Haha no ma'am, as she was telling me this i had already started pushing. I was so exhausted i just wanted to lay there and give up. Luckily 3 pushes and my son was here! My friend who was waiting in the waiting room, said I screamed like someone was trying to murder me( i screamed once). My son arrived at 5:26am. Needless to say it was the happiest moment of my life.
I could never ask for anything better.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Well....this is awkward

So I noticed I've been M.I.A For quite some time now, but only because I thought my laptop was out of order so to speak. But anyways I know all of you were wanting to know how I'm doing in my last few weeks of mommy-to-be-ness. So here we go...

It has been quite the emotional roller coaster ride need I say,but things aren't always bad. Sometimes they're so sweet that I indeed want to cry, but isn't that how pregnancy is supposed to work? I believe so. Well moving on, I have four weeks left. Yikes! I honestly can not believe it. I'm actually rather sad because i feel like it went by extremely fast. I mean seriously, i had only found out i was ten weeks and six days in January. Now I have four weeks left. *Sigh*, this may sound odd but i wish it would have went by slower, but now that I'm about to pop heck I'm ready! Just like Spongebob :) The only thing I'm really worried about is after little Scotty is here. I'm already self conscious about how I look as it is, so lets go ahead and add stretch marks :( I have this feeling that Johnny won't see me as anything other than "pretty". Yes he does tell me I'm beautiful and things like that but I really don't feel it. Right now I just see myself as an over weight penguin. Hell make up doesn't even make me feel pretty anymore and that's saying something right there! Especially if you know me really well and know I'm pretty much obsessed with make up. Its just not doing its job for me now days. Its become just a hassle for me cause all I see it as now days is something else I don't need to worry about. I've got way too many things to worry about and stress over. Like sleep for example. And that's another funny thing, here lately I've been sleeping all day and completely wide awake at night. I think my son is telling me that he will NOT be a night time sleeper at all! If this is the case I'm leaving johnny to deal with the night time since he stays up all night. Hopefully johnny is indeed right and we have a good baby. Not saying I wont love Scott if hes a very fussy, bedtime fighting baby. I'm just hoping he's well behaved like some other babies I've seen. Johnny thinks he'll be a quiet baby for the simple fact he doesn't kick when johnny would like him to :) but that's OK. But I'm sure those two will have a bond like no other and that makes me happy just thinking about it :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Things That Go Through My Head On A Daily Basis

So the title may seem odd but what i mean by it is the conversations or thoughts i share with my unborn son, Scott. I am finally in that stage where I can feel this little boy move. And move a lot might I add. And I'll be honest i get quite mad at him sometimes, but i still love him <3! They say it feels like "butterflies" or "bubbles". It's not that i don't believe them its just the idea of butterflies in my stomach....yea not so much. If butterflies felt painful I'd believe you because when I was young "butterflies" in your stomach felt nice...not the way I am about to explain it. You see I have already experienced the bubbles, it tickles a lot. But however my idea of what people call "butterflies" is way different than yours. To me it hurts like here's how the scene went:

Me: (laying on the bed talking on the phone)
friend: (carrying on the conversation about game characters)
Me: (screams in pain) "oh my god!" (if you were on the phone you would have heard a "thud")
Friend: "what??!?!? Are you alright???
Me: "Of course not! I feel like Sygorney Weaver in alien!"
Friend: (awkward silence) "....uhm why?"
Me: "My son won't stop moving and it feels like hes gonna pop out my stomach at any moment!"

So yes, i admit i compared my son to an alien. I'm sorry if that offends anyone but that is seriously how it felt. I know its apart of motherhood but geez...when he moves its like hes thinking.."Hmmm...which way should i hurt momma today?" or better yet "oooh! momma's in the grocery store! If she doesn't grab anything I like I'm gonna kick." I promise you that my boy plots on me while he sits there bored in my tummy. Especially at night! if I'm really tired he feels the need to break dance or practice soccer/football. So all I have to say to him is this, "YOU HAD BETTER LIKE SPORTS!" If not then all that kicking was just pure evil. I love him none the less. I just hope he likes sports or something creative. I was never into all that, I was a artsy band nerd >.< but honestly i think he'll do good in whatever he chooses. I just wish he was here already so I can hold him (and so he can stop torturing my muscles and bones...and of course my bladder.).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just my thoughts...

I couldn't write this and not cry like a baby...You see back when you and i used to talk about having a baby, you sounded all excited and now that were actually pregnant things are way diffrent. You used to talk about how you would do this and that and I just dont see it. Its like everything you said and promised has gone out the window. Not saying youre doing anything wrong its just I thought youd be around a little more often once everything happened. I thought youd actually be here for all the special moments like when i found out the gender...I begged you to come but you had school. The first heartbeat you werent there. All the appointments you couldve been at, you missed. Like today...i really felt the first kick, like really felt it and you missed that too. It all just hurts because i thought youd be more involved. And what i dont understand is that i live with you and you miss so much. i dont understand why its like we are strangers just sleeping in the same bed, living in the same house. But yet you miss out on so much. Im not bitching or being hormonal i just wish you were here more. I understand that you have work and school but with the little time you are around or home...its like youre still not even here. I just wish youd stop missing out on the special doesnt feel good to experience them alone.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Beauty of Food and How Evil It Can Be

SO last night johnny brings home Wendy's! I haven't had Wendy's In forever so im supper excited about it. So once he gets in the room the first thing I notice is the frost! Oh my god(!) was it good too. Well anyways he's busy setting things up for us to eat (isnt he so sweet?) and I'm busy scooping frost into my mouth then all of a sudden *splash!* johnny had spilled his drink yet again. You know that guy has the worst luck with drinks in our bedroom. Like for real, every time he has a soda he always spills it right after the first sip. I really feel bad for him. Its like he has murphy's law when it comes to drinks I just don't know. Well he cleans up and we finally sit and get started watching Dragon Ball GT (go figure? of all shows to be watching ha ha). So as we're munching down on our meal and about half way through i realize i am tasting more grease than the actual chicken sandwich. This absolutely grossing me out i got up to find my drink (who has indeed grown feet and walked away >.>) and walking right by the trash can, i stop and yet again *splash* (I'm being nice so you don't get grossed out folks!). Ugh....i thought the morning sickness was over with by now. So after I have my episode i climb back into bed and start ranting about how fast food restaurants shouldn't leave their chicken sandwiches in the damn grease so long! john is over hear laughing at me by the way, so i get even more frustrated and rant some more. Which brings me to the other time food was evil to me....last time johnny brought home wings (yum!) well he did not specify that they were hot. So as I'm munching on these bad boys, I guess they were too hot for the baby so up they go. And let me tell you folks i thought they were hot going down but man were they even hotter coming back up. and what makes me more upset is how my throat hurt for the next week :( This is How evil food can be.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Missadventures with Tammy, Savannah, and the kids!

So today i had to go with the family to pick up landon and T.K. Well you would think since its 3 females we'd gossip the whole way there, but no not too much. The funny stuff starts after we leave nonnie and poppy's. I dont recall what order this all went on in but its alot and bare with me. So as were going through town, Vannah asks landon if hes hungry? And the response to come out of this kids mouth i would expect to hear from a four year old. He says and i quote "I need chicken and fries!" This being the funnniest thing ive heard all day, come on youd laugh too, literally made my day. So before we got this kid his chicken and fries we had to stop to get johnny his dr. pepper and T.K.'s cookies. While we're waiting, landon is screaming his head off about wanting to go inside with Vannah. So i said "we'll go get your chicken here in a minute" He responds "NO! I wanna go get it!" me laughing i said well momma will be back in a minute and she take you to go get it" He of course just wants out of the car with momma. So I said "you ready to go get it (After seeing vannah walk out the store) ?" He says "yea can I get out?" So further on the road were all eating and talking and god forbid landon drops a french fry. So he starts undoing his saftey belt in search of this darn french fry! Well anyways we finally get him settled and back in the safety belt. On to the next funny thing....The radio! Some song comes on and all i know is the chorus says "damn, it feels good to be me!" Well heres where the super funny part comes. Landon starts jamming out and i swear it looks like he knows EXACTLY what this song is talking about. Which i wouldnt put it past him, this boy is such a ladies man. haha. well as were all thinking how cute this is, he finally finds his french fry! I guess good things come to those who wait? hmm who knew? well as we get a little closer to home, Vannah lets Landon play with her shades> well he starts whacking them babies up against the side of the car door. Vannah tells him. " landon if you break mommas shades ill cry." And i swear this child is the funniest kids alive! He looks at his momma And screams, not tells here, "CRY!" I on the other hand tried hard not to laugh but come on its funny. Well the last thing i do remember is he had a strip of bubble wrap. i asked him could i wrap him up and send him to me? and he said yes :p

So instead of my normal segment of wanting to punch folks This spot is to give my nephew a 5 star rating of funny!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bump Blog: 19 weeks.

I know i have neglected to get on this thing and update. So all in all here is my awaited update. So today out of boredom reading over some of my other pregnant friend's facebook updates i recall seeing one where she sugessts a movie. Documentary more or less. But anyway! Its called pregnant in america. Its about this couple who do all the resaerch about the pros and cons about hospital deliveries. So as i am watching this, i soon realize that having your baby in a hospital sounds alot more scary then people make it out to be. Like for example: a doctor on the documentary said that it was actually cleaner to have your baby at home than in a hospital. Why? Because its more sanitary at home. Did i really just hear that??? I always though it was clean at a hospital and turns out its actually carrying more bacteria than i thought. Which came to mind and i asked "hmm who knew?" well as the couple continues their research they begin to decide that theyre going to have an at home birth because its more natural. And in todays society i didnt know that the c-section rate is up 33% can you believe that? i thought everyone wanted natural? but turns out that doctors will lie to you about your dialation status if they want to go home or just too tired. When i saw this i was pissed! because the doctor is the only one who can tell you how far you are. i thought to myself oh if a doctor tells me that i will demand the nurse to check me and i will demand the truth! i refuse to have a c-section absolutely refuse! I will go into the delivery room singing "i will survive" if i have to damn it. well as the documentary goes on the expecting father goes around asking more questions and opinions of others and their doctor that they had told this woman shed have to have a c-section because her pelvic bone was too small. This however made him wonder and ask other doctors could she still have natural birth. So he ventures out to other hospitals and as he explains to other doctors what his wife's doctor told them they begin to laugh at him and question his schooling. If that were me id knock a bitches block off!!! but id get sued >.> So anyways come to find out they have the baby naturally at home with little complication until the baby has breathing problems etc. So the doctors keep their daughter in ICU for a week not letting either parent know i a diagnoses or anything. For a week! id be demanding answers and by god id get them! So after they're released from the hospital their total bill was $22,000 dollars (around there). i am very disappointed in hospitals nowadays. Very disappointed.

People I Want To Punch:
OK so during this documentary towards the end anyhow the father tells about how all the nurses wanted to hold the baby and so on. seriously what the fuck?! the mother and father should be the ones to hold their newborn child1 unless you are doing some kind of medical thing you are indeed the last person that should be holding that baby. And i dedicate this portion of people i want to punch to the nurses that man was talking about. Id be pissed to if some nurse i didn't know want to hold my child for no good unknown reason! So indeed nurses i want to punch you so hard in the face!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bump Blog 3:15 weeks

So all ive done today (and partially last night) was lay in bed in my pajamas and watch true blood. So considering i just moved to another house and the weather has been really how would you say? Shitty. So at this time and moment we have no waterworks and its cold! So as you can assume, i am in bed still. Yes i am still in my pajamas and yes i am typing this up on my laptop. Anyways, im really debating on weather or not im gonna get out of bed and get dressed. Because i know i have stuff i really need to do. Like fill out some helpful paperwork. But....i still wanna stay in bed. Well anyways Since i have a headache i really dont want to do anything, but that wouldnt be productive right? So that being the case, i will just have to tell you about how yesterday was since i havent done anything today. So I finally get out of my house to go see my sister and her kids. Lets just say theyre less than tolerable. Anyways reason why I was over there was to just tag along with my boyfriend to help her get some tv's. What i wanna know is why the hell is it always my toes that freeze the fastest? And its not pleasant, them bastards burn! So as im bitching about cold feet we pass by a club, ive heard of it before but didnt know exactly where it was. This however lead to some jokes that i really dont do well with due to past events. My sister says to my boyfriend "No! you stay away from there i dont wanna have to deal with that shit!" With me in the backseat...i get PISSED. I really dont want to remember the past. So as we get closer to home my boyfriend decides to say "im gonna get punched for that arent i?" Well considering i was sitting right behind him, i wanted to do just more than punch him. I wanted to punch him so hard in the back of the head it touches his forehead and choke him!

People I Want To punch:
Women who think its ok to be a stripper while theyre pregnant. Not just at the early stage but the big, about to pop stage of pregnancy. Its just degrading. Plus youre about to be a fucking parent why on earth would you want to be a bad begginers role model for your child? Everytime I see these people i want to punch you! I personally think you shouldnt be alowed to be a stripper while pregnant. And yes i said stripper not dancer. Because stripper is the right word for it than dancer.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bump Blog 2

Ive come to the conclusion that my horoscopes are only half true. Like today for example, it had said i would be emotionally edgy and overreact about everything! Especially dreams. But....i havent had bad dreams lately. Only one of a serious misfortunate event while i was away at my dads house, but other than that i sleep peacefully. So i dont think my edgyness comes from bad dreams but more from pregnancy. Gah! i have something to blame my bad behavior on..tee hee! But seriously i cant be all bad, well not all the time anyhow because if i was bad all the time i couldnt constantly blame pregnancy for my issues. So for now ill only be half evil and brat-like. That way i can still blame it on the bump. Hahahaha! You know same thing goes for sleeping. I do sleep but im not sure if i get enough. Books that ive read constantly say you need to take naps...well thing is i cant nap in a house thats empty (Damn you phobia!) Ooooh! random thought!...expecting mothers or proud moms, what was your biggest craving you had for something you wanted all the time? I dont understand why but mine is white cheddar flavored popcorn. Is that weird? Or can i get away with that because im pregnant?

People I (really really) Want To Punch:
You know i try hard to keep close friends but when you try to get ahold of them through comments or messages and they a) ignore me. or B) delete my comment. That is the kind of friend I want to punch in the face! i was there for you for everything and you decide you want to ignore me? Not only do i want to punch you in the face but add "Fuck you and have a nice day" at the end it.

(Just A Random) People I want To punch

Technically its not a person but more of a social network. FACEBOOK. I hate how its moody urgh! its worse than me on a bad day! I am trying to check my messages and it wont let me. Its just fucking iritating! If you were indeed a person, facebook, id gladly punch you in the jaw. But since you are a social network and not a person i am just shit out of luck then. One day i will get you!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bump Blog 1 :14 weeks 6 days

Well i would've gotten to start this blog sooner but the internet at where i was SUCK! With a capitol "S". So i am 14 weeks pregnant and its not as bad as i would think it would be, the only thing i hate about it is the ability to smell everything 20 times better than i did before i became mommy-to-be. Actually i think i should make a list of the things that have changed that make me go "grr"

1)Extreme hormonal surge. (or better known as acne)
2)Morning sickness that isnt really sickness...(the stupid puke thats only stomach acid)
3)Mood swings
4)that thing where you can smell yourself like badly. not saying i stink just saying i can smell myself.
5)Cravings! god those are evil!!!!! i have never wanted fruit this much in my life! hell i recall never eating the whole apple in my life or bananas for that matter. but my thing has been oranges! they are the best medicine :)

People I Want To Punch:
people who tell me i shouldnt be excited about my pregnancy. C'mon!!!! its my first baby of course im excited! theres no need to feel ashamed in my oppinion. Im gonna show sooner or later so whats the point in being ashamed about it!?!?