Friday, December 2, 2011

Its Not Easy Being Green

Or is it? Well to Scotty its easy as pie! So here's what happened, as dinner time came along I Started getting his meal ready. Juice, check! Garden veggies, check! Bib, check! spoon, double check!! I plop lil man in his high chair and begin the chaos. Now keep in mind this little boy is smart. Like really smart. He wont eat anything unless you are using the orange spoon. Oh yes hes gone orange? Yup! Hook em' Horns lol. Anyways, I am on the first spoonful with him and what does he decide to do? yep thats right he sneezed. Thus getting veggies all over his face, me, the high chair, and somehow managed to get food on the back of his head. Crazy right? Yes, but that only the beginning! As the meal goes on he start making this whining sound. I'm over here trying to figure out what hes whining at and hit me. I apparently am not feeding him fast enough. So I speed up the pace a little bit, not too fast though. Now this little boy thinks mommy is playing with him at this point. so he starts smiling and his food comes spilling out the sides of his mouth onto his bib. I try to feed hi the last little bit of veggies and hes now playing peek-a-boo. As he has his mouth full of his last bite he goes to cover his face with his bib and at the last minute he sneezed into his bib spewing food all over his face. Now I have to admit I've never seen a greener baby in my life, but after I got him cleaned up this is what he looked like...

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