Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baby Food and BathTime!

Hello lovlies! Its been quite some time since I've been on here you know with being busy with the mommy duties. SO last time I posted something little Scotty was a little over a month old, now since a good chunk of time has gone by, I can now tell a bunch of fun stories in on go. Yay! So where to begin?..Hmm...Oh yes, well since he is 4 months old today I tried a new food with him. Meats. Doctors normally will say don't feed him till hes 6 months old but I'm sorry I didn't go by the "rules". My son was hungry so I acted like any mother would and fed that boy. Yes some may think I'm wrong for feeding him really early, but nothing would satisfy him. So food we went to. Lets just say we have a happy baby! He's such a good baby its unbelievable. Well any who, back to my story....I was sitting there trying to introduce baby chicken to him, normally this boy will eat anything you show him, but for some reason this time was different. I put just a teensy bit of the meat on his spoon and gave it to him. The reaction on his face was literally the saddest face I've ever seen him make and he burst into tears. I felt so terrible that I thought I did something wrong. With all this going on dear ole hubby of mine is NOT helping at all what so ever. He looks at Scotty and tells him, "Oh, is mommy being a big ole meanie?"

I wanted to chunk my boot at him! Now that would've been the childish thing to do, instead i got up from the chair and handed johnny the jar of food and Scotty's spoon. He just gives me this puzzled look and I tell him...."If I'm a big ole meanie, then YOU feed him." Shocked, he sits down and tries to do the task I gave him. I tell him "oh hunny its easy" well about ten minutes of johnny trying to get him to eat this baby meat, he comes and gets me and says "he wont eat it." I tried so hard not to laugh but I just find it funny whenever I need help he'll tell me its easy, but when I tell him to do something so simple such as feeding the baby he tells me its easier for me. Hahttp://www.bloha! OK. Whatever you say love. Well i go back in the kitchen and find something different for Scotty to eat since I figured he didn't want anymore of this "new food". Johnny is over to the side thinking I let him off easy and I was going to feed Scotty. NO. It was time johnny learned to do something hard. Well I grabbed a jar of peas, this particular food to this day is still an issue with little man. So round #2! Johnny tries this again. Scotty has the first bite in his mouth and I swear to you he did this on purpose, he held it in his mouth for perfect opportunity, he sneezed with a mouthful of peas in johnny's face. I am not kidding you.The only bad part of my funny moment was Scotty had made a mess of himself. So bath time was a calling his name!

Now that his tub is filled I place him in. He's just splashing away like he normally does, well there was a cup by his feet that he happened to kick out of his tub into the big tub. Since i usually sit on the side of the tub with my feet inside the big tub, what happens....I slipped. That's right I slipped and fell on my butt! I was a little embarrassed but as soon as I saw Scotty laughing and smiling. It wasn't so bad that my whole butt was wet.

OH the joys of motherhood! Its amazing, but I will be back later to share more of my moments with you!

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