Friday, December 9, 2011

Random Laughing And New Foods.

So today as I'm cleaning the bathroom, I hear just random baby giggles. Peeking out the curtain that covers my bathroom, I see Scotty just laughing away at absolutely nothing. Really? Now I'm confused as ever. Who or what could this lil man be laughing at? A few people say hes talking to the angels and his uncle and poppa. At this point I believe it! I sent my hubby a txt telling him our son has been laughing for no reason, johnny txt me back "That's my boy lol"

Yesterday when Scotty's grandma came home and broke out the swiss rolls! You should have seen his face...he saw it and eyes got real wide. So Grandma gave him a taste of the cream filling, he went wild! He looked a little like this.

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