Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bump Blog 1 :14 weeks 6 days

Well i would've gotten to start this blog sooner but the internet at where i was SUCK! With a capitol "S". So i am 14 weeks pregnant and its not as bad as i would think it would be, the only thing i hate about it is the ability to smell everything 20 times better than i did before i became mommy-to-be. Actually i think i should make a list of the things that have changed that make me go "grr"

1)Extreme hormonal surge. (or better known as acne)
2)Morning sickness that isnt really sickness...(the stupid puke thats only stomach acid)
3)Mood swings
4)that thing where you can smell yourself like badly. not saying i stink just saying i can smell myself.
5)Cravings! god those are evil!!!!! i have never wanted fruit this much in my life! hell i recall never eating the whole apple in my life or bananas for that matter. but my thing has been oranges! they are the best medicine :)

People I Want To Punch:
people who tell me i shouldnt be excited about my pregnancy. C'mon!!!! its my first baby of course im excited! theres no need to feel ashamed in my oppinion. Im gonna show sooner or later so whats the point in being ashamed about it!?!?

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