Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bump Blog 3:15 weeks

So all ive done today (and partially last night) was lay in bed in my pajamas and watch true blood. So considering i just moved to another house and the weather has been really how would you say? Shitty. So at this time and moment we have no waterworks and its cold! So as you can assume, i am in bed still. Yes i am still in my pajamas and yes i am typing this up on my laptop. Anyways, im really debating on weather or not im gonna get out of bed and get dressed. Because i know i have stuff i really need to do. Like fill out some helpful paperwork. But....i still wanna stay in bed. Well anyways Since i have a headache i really dont want to do anything, but that wouldnt be productive right? So that being the case, i will just have to tell you about how yesterday was since i havent done anything today. So I finally get out of my house to go see my sister and her kids. Lets just say theyre less than tolerable. Anyways reason why I was over there was to just tag along with my boyfriend to help her get some tv's. What i wanna know is why the hell is it always my toes that freeze the fastest? And its not pleasant, them bastards burn! So as im bitching about cold feet we pass by a club, ive heard of it before but didnt know exactly where it was. This however lead to some jokes that i really dont do well with due to past events. My sister says to my boyfriend "No! you stay away from there i dont wanna have to deal with that shit!" With me in the backseat...i get PISSED. I really dont want to remember the past. So as we get closer to home my boyfriend decides to say "im gonna get punched for that arent i?" Well considering i was sitting right behind him, i wanted to do just more than punch him. I wanted to punch him so hard in the back of the head it touches his forehead and choke him!

People I Want To punch:
Women who think its ok to be a stripper while theyre pregnant. Not just at the early stage but the big, about to pop stage of pregnancy. Its just degrading. Plus youre about to be a fucking parent why on earth would you want to be a bad begginers role model for your child? Everytime I see these people i want to punch you! I personally think you shouldnt be alowed to be a stripper while pregnant. And yes i said stripper not dancer. Because stripper is the right word for it than dancer.

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  1. my toes always get cold too
    and your right it burns
    hurts so you wanna cry