Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bump Blog: 19 weeks.

I know i have neglected to get on this thing and update. So all in all here is my awaited update. So today out of boredom reading over some of my other pregnant friend's facebook updates i recall seeing one where she sugessts a movie. Documentary more or less. But anyway! Its called pregnant in america. Its about this couple who do all the resaerch about the pros and cons about hospital deliveries. So as i am watching this, i soon realize that having your baby in a hospital sounds alot more scary then people make it out to be. Like for example: a doctor on the documentary said that it was actually cleaner to have your baby at home than in a hospital. Why? Because its more sanitary at home. Did i really just hear that??? I always though it was clean at a hospital and turns out its actually carrying more bacteria than i thought. Which came to mind and i asked "hmm who knew?" well as the couple continues their research they begin to decide that theyre going to have an at home birth because its more natural. And in todays society i didnt know that the c-section rate is up 33% can you believe that? i thought everyone wanted natural? but turns out that doctors will lie to you about your dialation status if they want to go home or just too tired. When i saw this i was pissed! because the doctor is the only one who can tell you how far you are. i thought to myself oh if a doctor tells me that i will demand the nurse to check me and i will demand the truth! i refuse to have a c-section absolutely refuse! I will go into the delivery room singing "i will survive" if i have to damn it. well as the documentary goes on the expecting father goes around asking more questions and opinions of others and their doctor that they had told this woman shed have to have a c-section because her pelvic bone was too small. This however made him wonder and ask other doctors could she still have natural birth. So he ventures out to other hospitals and as he explains to other doctors what his wife's doctor told them they begin to laugh at him and question his schooling. If that were me id knock a bitches block off!!! but id get sued >.> So anyways come to find out they have the baby naturally at home with little complication until the baby has breathing problems etc. So the doctors keep their daughter in ICU for a week not letting either parent know i a diagnoses or anything. For a week! id be demanding answers and by god id get them! So after they're released from the hospital their total bill was $22,000 dollars (around there). i am very disappointed in hospitals nowadays. Very disappointed.

People I Want To Punch:
OK so during this documentary towards the end anyhow the father tells about how all the nurses wanted to hold the baby and so on. seriously what the fuck?! the mother and father should be the ones to hold their newborn child1 unless you are doing some kind of medical thing you are indeed the last person that should be holding that baby. And i dedicate this portion of people i want to punch to the nurses that man was talking about. Id be pissed to if some nurse i didn't know want to hold my child for no good unknown reason! So indeed nurses i want to punch you so hard in the face!!!!!!


  1. also you know how everyone is on their backs to deliver well thats actually the worst way for mom to do it bc it puts so much pressure on pelvic walls, they do it bc its easier for the dr

  2. maybe the pregnancy organizer will help out some then?