Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Missadventures with Tammy, Savannah, and the kids!

So today i had to go with the family to pick up landon and T.K. Well you would think since its 3 females we'd gossip the whole way there, but no not too much. The funny stuff starts after we leave nonnie and poppy's. I dont recall what order this all went on in but its alot and bare with me. So as were going through town, Vannah asks landon if hes hungry? And the response to come out of this kids mouth i would expect to hear from a four year old. He says and i quote "I need chicken and fries!" This being the funnniest thing ive heard all day, come on youd laugh too, literally made my day. So before we got this kid his chicken and fries we had to stop to get johnny his dr. pepper and T.K.'s cookies. While we're waiting, landon is screaming his head off about wanting to go inside with Vannah. So i said "we'll go get your chicken here in a minute" He responds "NO! I wanna go get it!" me laughing i said well momma will be back in a minute and she take you to go get it" He of course just wants out of the car with momma. So I said "you ready to go get it (After seeing vannah walk out the store) ?" He says "yea can I get out?" So further on the road were all eating and talking and god forbid landon drops a french fry. So he starts undoing his saftey belt in search of this darn french fry! Well anyways we finally get him settled and back in the safety belt. On to the next funny thing....The radio! Some song comes on and all i know is the chorus says "damn, it feels good to be me!" Well heres where the super funny part comes. Landon starts jamming out and i swear it looks like he knows EXACTLY what this song is talking about. Which i wouldnt put it past him, this boy is such a ladies man. haha. well as were all thinking how cute this is, he finally finds his french fry! I guess good things come to those who wait? hmm who knew? well as we get a little closer to home, Vannah lets Landon play with her shades> well he starts whacking them babies up against the side of the car door. Vannah tells him. " landon if you break mommas shades ill cry." And i swear this child is the funniest kids alive! He looks at his momma And screams, not tells here, "CRY!" I on the other hand tried hard not to laugh but come on its funny. Well the last thing i do remember is he had a strip of bubble wrap. i asked him could i wrap him up and send him to me? and he said yes :p

So instead of my normal segment of wanting to punch folks This spot is to give my nephew a 5 star rating of funny!


  1. Your right, he is quite funny and oh such a ladies man. I love how he has a quick smile that goes all the way into his twinkling eyes.

    Thanks for coming, we loved the kids visit. But it was wonderful to see you three ladies too. Take good care of yourself and that lil Turtle too. And pounding today! Must have been a great day.

  2. haha! see i posted on facebook that this was a nice blog :P