Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Beauty of Food and How Evil It Can Be

SO last night johnny brings home Wendy's! I haven't had Wendy's In forever so im supper excited about it. So once he gets in the room the first thing I notice is the frost! Oh my god(!) was it good too. Well anyways he's busy setting things up for us to eat (isnt he so sweet?) and I'm busy scooping frost into my mouth then all of a sudden *splash!* johnny had spilled his drink yet again. You know that guy has the worst luck with drinks in our bedroom. Like for real, every time he has a soda he always spills it right after the first sip. I really feel bad for him. Its like he has murphy's law when it comes to drinks I just don't know. Well he cleans up and we finally sit and get started watching Dragon Ball GT (go figure? of all shows to be watching ha ha). So as we're munching down on our meal and about half way through i realize i am tasting more grease than the actual chicken sandwich. This absolutely grossing me out i got up to find my drink (who has indeed grown feet and walked away >.>) and walking right by the trash can, i stop and yet again *splash* (I'm being nice so you don't get grossed out folks!). Ugh....i thought the morning sickness was over with by now. So after I have my episode i climb back into bed and start ranting about how fast food restaurants shouldn't leave their chicken sandwiches in the damn grease so long! john is over hear laughing at me by the way, so i get even more frustrated and rant some more. Which brings me to the other time food was evil to me....last time johnny brought home wings (yum!) well he did not specify that they were hot. So as I'm munching on these bad boys, I guess they were too hot for the baby so up they go. And let me tell you folks i thought they were hot going down but man were they even hotter coming back up. and what makes me more upset is how my throat hurt for the next week :( This is How evil food can be.

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  1. time to do a few things
    eat at the table in the dining room
    cook your dinner

    gosh things will go so much easier then