Monday, February 7, 2011

Bump Blog 2

Ive come to the conclusion that my horoscopes are only half true. Like today for example, it had said i would be emotionally edgy and overreact about everything! Especially dreams. But....i havent had bad dreams lately. Only one of a serious misfortunate event while i was away at my dads house, but other than that i sleep peacefully. So i dont think my edgyness comes from bad dreams but more from pregnancy. Gah! i have something to blame my bad behavior on..tee hee! But seriously i cant be all bad, well not all the time anyhow because if i was bad all the time i couldnt constantly blame pregnancy for my issues. So for now ill only be half evil and brat-like. That way i can still blame it on the bump. Hahahaha! You know same thing goes for sleeping. I do sleep but im not sure if i get enough. Books that ive read constantly say you need to take naps...well thing is i cant nap in a house thats empty (Damn you phobia!) Ooooh! random thought!...expecting mothers or proud moms, what was your biggest craving you had for something you wanted all the time? I dont understand why but mine is white cheddar flavored popcorn. Is that weird? Or can i get away with that because im pregnant?

People I (really really) Want To Punch:
You know i try hard to keep close friends but when you try to get ahold of them through comments or messages and they a) ignore me. or B) delete my comment. That is the kind of friend I want to punch in the face! i was there for you for everything and you decide you want to ignore me? Not only do i want to punch you in the face but add "Fuck you and have a nice day" at the end it.

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