Saturday, July 28, 2012

Scotty is One!

So today was the big one for him. I'll admit I had a blast but I could completely would have been better if people would have left me alone and quit being rude to me. To my dear followers who were there I am not talking about you. Just to make that clear.

I thought Scotty was spoiled already but today just put the cherry on the cake. He got so many clothes it wasn't funny. All those nice shirts are from Scotty's girlfriend Madison. She sure wanted to make him look like a sharp dressed man! Or should I say sharp dressed little man? Well he did get toys too! Lol I am so glad he didn't get the crazy noisy toys like my cousin said I would end up getting. Instead I got a lot of early learning toys which was awesome!

Now I have to admit all the gifts were great but I think my dad, grandpa Eddie outdid himself for this first birthday. He bought Scotty a four wheeler. No no not the real thing you goof balls but the kids size. It's a lightning McQueen one. And let me say it's pretty neat lol.

And how could I possibly leave out Nonnie and coppie's gift.... Toy story picnik set. It's so cute! I've always dreamt of getting my boy something like that and now my loving in laws got Lil man one! It's awesome!

So I just want to put out there that I had a blast and Scotty had a blast. Thank you for coming out!

Ooh oohh!!! Picture time!

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  1. Thanks so for mentioning us. I was hoping it was a gift you would like, beside the videos, book and swim trunks. It was so great to be a part of Scotties 1st birthday. And we loved meeting your mom too! She is so very nice. Now have fun finding a place for the birthday haul!