Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Live For Little Moments Like That...

As you know Johnny works quite a bit and Scotty misses him oh so much. I know I miss him too when I'm working too but we have to work for things to get paid. Well Even though Johnny doesn't get to spend a bunch of time with little man, today I witnessed the cutest thing from those two.

These things warm my heart so much that all I can do is smile. Oh and after Johnny left Scotty decided he wanted to help with laundry again. He didn't fool me this time, he didn't fool me into the never ending basket again.

After the never ending pile of laundry, it was bath time. Johnny had got Scotty a new bath toy. Its one of those stacker things. But this is made of foam stars. Scotty had such a blast with it until he accidentally broke the stand for it. Shhh!! Don't tell Johnny!

Well Little man is all tucked in bed and fast asleep as I should be too. Good Night! Stacy

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