Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fun Times With The Kids

I am being so honest when I say this but I am a horrible cook. The other night when I had the kiddos, I had decided to make cupcakes. I followed all the directions on the box and still managed to screw up my favorite thing. They came out fine but once the cooled its like they were so hard that if i threw one at you it would hurt. I know it sounds silly and that I'm just beating myself up about my cooking, but it was pretty bad. I'll admit I had a blast making them and frosting them. The kids sure enjoyed it, but I still can't get passed the fact that they're hard as rocks. Lord knows I try though so I think that's all that matter. Even though I'm not the best at least I am willing to try my best and have fun with the cooking I do do.

Well  lovely followers, I should be cleaning but again I am blogging. Hopefully hubby doesn't find out! Oh I forgot the news! Scotty now has eight teeth! Today was his first dentist appointment and the doctors absolutely adored my little man. I will have to say he is the biggest flirt for as young as he is! Well the doctor says that all his teeth are good and that I can move him up to the big boy toothbrush, which he isn't too thrilled about. He cries when I tried brushing his teeth tonight with the training toothpaste. The only bad news from the visit is that one tooth of his is chipped. poor baby. They said not to worry about it, but you know me I worry about everything when it comes to my boy.

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  1. Oh my first muffins came out like that too. I use to have a plaster cupcake that was given to me in honor of my bad cooking. It took me a LONG time to learn how to cook. But it happened with trail and error.