Thursday, August 30, 2012

This Is The Cutest Idea Ever!!!

I am not kidding you folks, what I found today has got to be the cutest club house(s) I've ever seen!

How I came to find this oh so wonderful Idea was browsing through Pintrest. You will always catch me looking under the DIY tab. So I'm just looking around for little home crafrs and boom! There it was. This awesome picture of a clubhouse.

Now I know what you guys are thinking, that I am our of my poor little mind. But I think this would be one of those things the whole family can enjoy for years. I know Scotty is only one, but come on you can't say this isn't cool! Plus this isn't the only design. The link on Pintrest brought me to the home page and its They have a variety of clubhouses or cubbies as they like to call them.

The also have a variety of toys, swings, you name it to go with each and every cubby. I will have to admit that the overall price made my heart sink a bit because these things are quite pricey. (They're close to $3000.) I honestly think they're worth the amount if they're going to last me years to come. Maybe this momma better start saving her pennies because I don't think I really want to pass this awesome clubhouse up. I think dear ole Johnny wouldn't mind having a project to do for our little guy, but I do think he may say something about the price. Yikes! 

But in all honesty I think I might get something like this for the boy because 1) that would give me so many brownie points for being the coolest mom on the block and 2) Johnny would love to do something this cool for Scotty. So hopefully I can be cool and pull through and possibly get this for the boys. Who knows I might even play in it too! 

So what do you guys think, yay or nay?


  1. Really cute and yes to be used for years to come. But you could really take the time to look at this and draw up plans so y'all could build it yourself. For example the flooring is 52 2X4's. So that makes it 17.33 feet long. I also counted and see it is 8.6 feet wide for the main deck and the width of the club house floor with an extra for the deck to the stairs. That should be another 3 ft wide. It could all be drawn out and planned to build yourself.

  2. Of course! I showed Johnny and he loved it. I was so happy :)