Saturday, August 18, 2012

Random Post!

Hey guys how are you?! Good I hope. Now time to sit down and have a talk... I am so sorry my blog looks so out of whack. phone and needless to have been updating my blogs through my phone. photo to blog ratio sucks. So I apologize for folks. Also I have been pretty busy these last few weeks so I haven't been updating too much.

 SO THE BIG NEWS! So this momma has been looking for a job for about a year now. Yes I know what you guy are thinking, "GEEZ, it took her a year to find a job??". Well to be quite honest I've wanted to stay home with little Scotty for a while. I wanted to stay at home with him till he was in school and we had enough money for me to do so, but dear hubby hit a bump in the work road (no he didn't lose his job)and is needing super moms help. (that's me!)

 So I got a job at the local Dollar General. I'll be honest I'm a little skeptical about working retail considering I'm only used to fast food. It's way different and the crew i worked with today was awesome. I have to say I did really good my first day. I'll Go into detail about my day on my other blog considering this blog is for me and my family and I want to keep it family friendly as much as possible. Hope to see you soon my lovelies!!!

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  1. congrats and enjoy the daily break. Scotty is adorable but moms need time out too. seems this job can help you out in many ways