Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another Rainy Morning.

Lord what is up with all this rain?!?! Why rain? It's never snow. Well anyways, woke up to the rain and hubby being loud... I swear this house just produces loud spawn. He comes home and immediately starts flapping his gums. Really, John you can't be any quieter? So he ends up waking up Scott at 8:30 and honestly that just doesn't fly with me. Scott didn't gal asleep till almost 12:30 last night. He's like me when it comes to sleep, go to bed late wake up late. That's just how Scott is.

Well John wakes my poor little man who is in no more a good mood than I am. And then rolls over to go to bed. ( he's working night shift this week). Are you kidding me? Scott isn't going to roll over and go to bed with you! Lol. But even though Johns a butt for waking Scott I'm ok though. Scott isn't feeling all himself today so it's movie day!

We've been watching toy story 3 for a while, I think after ill put on the new lorax movie. Have any of you guys seen that movie? If you haven't you need to because its so darn cute!!! It's got these singing fish who do the mission impossible theme. They kind of remind me of the minions from despicable me, adorable!!! The movie was beautifully made. There's so much color and it keeps Scott's attention.

I honestly can say I wish I saw it in theaters. Scott's excited because he sees me looking for the remote, so he knows what's going on. He keeps saying "yeah!" He's such a goof ball but I love him so much. That little boy is my world.

If this site had a recorder I'd record what John is doing. He'd be mad if I did it but its funny. He's snoring his butt off and Scott keeps trying to squeeze his nose shut lol. God I have crazy boys! Oh hey by the way, How's the weather?

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