Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oh, Ive Miserably Failed!

Yes dear followers I've failed my attempt in blogging everyday. A lot of it being from stress and lack of sleep. Seriously guys, no matter how early I go to bed I still end up waking up at 5:30 every morning laying in bed hoping for a miracle ill fall back asleep. Which sleep never comes sadly. I guess my body is preparing me super early for cub #2.

Which honestly it doesn't bug me too much because I'm used to getting up early any way. Scotty has been getting up around seven or eight lately rather than one or nine thirty like he usually does. Now I wouldn't be so grouchy if I could sleep without back pain, lost feelings in my legs, and hubby to stop pushing me out of bed. I know he doesn't understand that I have severe hot flashes but geeez! Back of the the Eskimo covers! (He like to cover us up to our necks ugh)

So honestly I've been at home cleaning my but off because the nesting stage came early. Like really early, a week after I found out. And the one thing about the new house I can't stand is I can't get rid of this yeast smell! It drives me nuts! I have scrubbed, mopped, sprayed just about everything to get rid of it and nothing helps. It'll go away for a few hours and then in the dead of night like something awful, the smell will wake me up. Hunny can't really smell it so its just my supper sniffer can.

Well another thing I've been doing got the past few days is looking for organizing ideas for the kids rooms. I'm so excited to redo the kids rooms once Savannah get her stored items out of the house. Seriously I already have a plan for cub #2 room. Depending on boy or girl the color will have to wait, but still doesn't stop me from getting furniture and Pre organizing. I have so much planed! And since I'm only 7 weeks, I have plenty of time to do it, yay!

So pretty much my big projects deal with the closets. I plan on adding another shelf and rod to maximize clothes space. Since they are huge why not add extra rods for hanging clothes? I've gotten to the point where I can't stand not being able to find clothes in drawers. So my new thing has been "all clothes hung except socks and undies!" Now I know with babies you can't hang their diapers (unless cloth, which I'm debating on) but you can hang anything of there's with sleeves and it's awesome on drawer space.

My number one thing I was bad about my first go with Scotty, was never having enough socks. I hate baby socks because they go to Narnia while in the dryer. But if I have plenty of drawer space ill be able to locate bibs, socks, mittens, hats, and possibly booties. So I'm hung ho for the closet project. Hopefully I stick to the plan lol. Which I'm determined to now that I'm in the new house.

Well I know I talked a lot but hey I'm excited! Ill see you guys soon!!!

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