Thursday, January 10, 2013

Revenge Of Mommy Rant!

That's it I've had it! No I will not be nice in this post at all! I'm so mad and disgusted that its not even funny! This time it doesn't even involve the pets barking, but a small chihuahua that I've yet to see go outside for a potty break.

So anyone that knows me well enough knows that I can't stand if one of Scott's things has been either
A) washed with Landon's clothes
B) gotten ahold of by one of the dogs
C) taken without permission

And reason being for those reasons is Landon's clothes sometimes reek of urine or feces. That's not always his fault though he's still learning to properly use the restroom. Getting mad about the dogs is obvious because they'll chew up everything. And the last reason drives my nerves because someone very close to the family took a bunch of clothes that I bought and took them. Yes I know that they no longer fit Scotty, but what if I was keeping that for potential baby #2?

Yea well back to the reason I'm so mad... MIL has this chihuahua names cocoa. And since she's been here I have yet to see her potty outside like the rest of the dogs. But for some wild reason she feels the need to piss and poop all on Scott's things! Like I can't tell you how badly I wanted to throw that dog outside on the runner. I do my best to keep Scotty's things well clean and kept and ill be damned if some jealous dog is going to to mess up his things. Like the rug for example, cocoa pissed on the rug four times and pooped on it too.

Once I pointed it out to MIL she pretty much shrugged her shoulders. Urgh!!! Why must hunny be related to people who just don't care about others possessions?? Urgh it drives me nuts. I don't want to wake hunny up to gripe about it but I'm so annoyed. I never treated her stuff with disrespect. Her $500 pan set from orgreenic, I always took care to make sure they never got scratched and were washed immediately.

It's like she doesn't take it into consideration that my son, he "grandson" plays in that room on that carpet that your dog pretty much destroyed! She must not understand that it's a health issue. God please make this week hurry, I need to get away from this house.

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