Friday, January 4, 2013

Not My Kind of Morning.

Ugh, I now remember why I don't like living with her. When she's here, I have no heads up when she's babysitting and whose staying the night. Also when she's here Nobody believes in respect and privacy. Seriously, how I was raised you don't come over unannounced and just walk through the door without knocking.

I will be so glad that ill be moving into a house that I can lock the front and back
door. Ours here doesn't lock. It drives me nuts! And I tried sleeping in to just drown out the sound but all the stomping.... God all the stomping it just won't go away.

Now It's not that I don't like the kiddos it's just so early for this. I just have to tell myself it's only s few more days. Right? Just a few more days?

1 comment:

  1. Guessing you now have all of my Grandbabes at your place! It is not stomping. TK is wearing her heelies I am sure of it.