Thursday, January 3, 2013


Oh dear my lovely followers, I'm sorry I missed yesterday's post! Scotty decided to get mommy's charger wet and my phone died! But I'm back now!!!

So lets recap the events of yesterday. Scotty's nana was almost late getting us to his well check up eek! But we made it on time yay. So all was well with doctor Clark and I found out Scotty isn't sick but has a typical runny nose. Thank god lol. Doctor Clark also informed me that Scotty is in the 85% percentile. How cool is that? My little man is a big boy for his age.

Then before we left, he had to get three shots. He sure wasn't a happy camper afterwards. But since my mom has powerful nana powers, she mad him feel all better. That's why he never wants to come home lol. She's the one who spoils him rotten! So he indeed stayed the night.

So today I was supposed to be cleaning , but that didn't happen. Instead I went to grandma Kathy's house and socialized with her for hours. It was nice getting out the house for a bit. Then hubby got off work and took me to get a new charger. Yay! We also had to make a spare key for the car. In the process of doing this, I found the cutest printed house keys ever!!! They had cupcakes on them. Johnny said he'd come back and make me a house key with the cupcake design and the key chain that goes with it. I'm excited.

Now I'm back at home eating my very veggie meal hubby made writing this. I plan on reading my book tonight, but watch me pass out lol. Y'all have a wonderful night!

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  1. He looks darling here. Reading on a cold winters night is always wonderful!