Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sooo Tired.....

So I've been up for about 20 minutes now and I'm sure not happy about it. Scott woke up because of one of the dogs and let me explain how that happened.

So MIL wanted to let daisy, our youngest but largest dog, into the house last night. Yes I know it was cold last night but daisy doesn't like being indoors hints why so many problems! Because MIL didn't let her back out daisy has made noise from nine thirty last night till shortly after I woke up. Are you freaking kidding me? MIL got up several times in the night to smack daisy to make her hush. Well Jesus woman let the damn dog out.

So instead of getting sleep like I should've been, I kept getting woke up by "go lay down!!!!" I guarantee that she's going to gripe about me cleaning today and I'm not going to have a whole lot of patience. I held my tongue all yesterday. And just one day with her here is enough. I'm so ready to go clean the new house and move in already.

Just urgh! I'm so exhausted....Scotty is bright eyed and awake due to MIL and it's about to drive me nuts. Sometimes I wonder if I can just find a place out in the country where none of hubby's family knows where. No offense step monster lol. The family here has just driven me so nuts its insane.

Most of this is coming from a very aggravated tired mom who stepped In dog puddle this morning because MIL doesn't know how to use common sense and leave the big dog outside. Sorry for the blah this morning

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  1. Oh my I so understand. Our pack stay in most of the winter. Yes we play doggie butler non stop. Most of the time at night Dear Hubby is on door duty (his side of the bed is close to the door). But there is that time every now and then when it was not fast enough. It seems I always seem to find the puddle too! ICK