Friday, January 25, 2013


Ok I've come to the conclusion that the people who write the parenting books clearly don't have kids of their own. I know this comes off a little harsh but I've read article after article on what to expect while expecting the second child, and by god they act like staying calm and relaxed is the easiest damn thing in the world.

It's not. And yea I know I'm gonna get that saying "it's never going to be easy as a parent" stuff and honestly it's not! I can't get Scott to take a nap to save my life and it's driving me nuts! I am so tired. No I'm not staying up late. He wants to skip naptime and fight bedtime and I'm ready to rip my hair out and scream why won't you go to bed?!?! But that would so not be the right thing to do so I just stay up and deal with it. And it would be nice if John would help out once in a while. Yes I know he works but when he gets home from work it's not like he can't watch Scott for ten minutes so I can get a shower in.

This weekend probably won't be better because he's wanting to get the house in order an he's going to want me to do quite a bit of work and all I'm wanting is just a simple nap. I'm not asking for much. I find it hard to keep calm about everything when he can go to work and then decide to go hang out with his pals when he clearly knows I'm at home with Scott and tired as can be.

Yes I know I sound a bit controlling but also I'm jealous that his friends still want to hang out with him and my friends have completely dropped me off their friend list. Ugh. I don't think I have any friend that's a mom that gets what I'm saying but yea. Sorry for the rant I'm just uuber uuber tired.

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  1. so get you! try having quiet time instead of nap time. put up a baby gate across the bedroom door, put in a favorite movie and lay down with scottie while he watches the show. Now the secret is that the movies are not on at any other time of the day! this way he will be ready to stop and watch while you get a lil rest in.