Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Busy Bee.

Oh yes today isn't even over yet but it's still going to be busy. I have to take Scotty to see doctor Clark today for a routine check up. Then I have to wait for hunny to come home so we can get so errands done. Which by the way, is it me or has time passed extremely slow today?

I've been up since 6:45 so to me the day has been dragging on. Scotty has been getting into everything today and been driving me bonkers, but I still laugh cause he tried using a book for a teether, my knee and those round stackable donut things to bite on. I feel bad for the munchkin I do, but there's only so much this momma can do.

Also I've been in the process of getting him off the bottle and boy let me tell you, Scotty is smart! He knows I like him to stay dry so what he'll do is push the plastic top down in the cup so it leaks. It seriously make me want to give the bottle back which I shouldn't do.

I am just so OCD about him staying dry. I know he's a boy and he's going to get dirty but Grrr. I can't stand it lol. Oh!!! Another thing that will be keeping me busy for the next two weeks is packin.g. Yea you heard that right, packing! So I figured out the house I'm moving into, our cousins are moving out of today!! So once they're moved out we'll be moving our stuff in and moving mother in laws stuff here where I'm at now.

So I don't have to set my self on fire or lose a tongue lol! I can't even explain the excitement I have. Hopefully the plan stays that way. If not I may just cry. So ill be packing my happy little tail off just to make sure it goes to plan so I'm not stuck with mother in law for the rest of January.

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