Friday, January 18, 2013

New House, No Internet, No Happy Mommy.

Well I'm not not happy, I'm happy we got into the new house, happy we found out about baby number 2 and happy that I'm out of the other house. So hopefully all from now I'm happy happy lol! Me and Scotty are watching you story 3 right now and honestly I'm surprised he's actually watching the movie instead of running all over the house. Which he loves! Yay!!!

So as of right now the only flaws about the house is I'm waiting for the water to be cut on. Also were on that stupid Pre pay electricity which is a bummer because I can't use anything too much. Yes I know I'm bad when it comes to lights.

Aside from all the bummer stuff about the house, I'm excited to say ill be 7 weeks Sunday. And I know I went over board but I'm already looking at room decor since we have two spare rooms. Which I never thought I would be using it for a nursery. Go figure? Well I've found one for a boy that I like and then I found one for a girl that I literally have my heart set on. But all I'm waiting on is finding out the gender in a few months.

And anybody who knows me probably knows how much I love my animal prints. And I'm not just a zebra freak, I love all the cute prints that are out there. Lol. For a boy I liked finding nemo but I realized that that one has turtles on it and Scotty is my turtle. I want new baby to have its own theme lol. At first I wanted to go with penguins but that would've been really hard.

So well just wait till the time comes. Till then here are some pictures!

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  1. open all curtains and get all the natural sunlight you can in a day. that helps your emotions as well as the electric bill! Also unplug everything (cept the fridge) that is not being used. promise it will save you some $ too. super glad your in your house and cant wait to see who our next grandbabe is going to be. bet your beside yourself with happiness