Thursday, February 7, 2013

Good Morning!

Oh yes it's been a very good morning so far. I've been so tired and sleep deprived to remember to do anything so yep that's why I've been away. Lets go into further detail and explain why I've been sleep deprived... Scotty has been going through this phase for a few weeks now and he skips naps and refuses to go to bed at night till the late hours. And I've tried everything to get him back into the swing of things and it just doesn't seem to work.

Of course I know it would take him a little bit to get used to the new house but good lord! How long does a kiddo need? Well anyways my mom says the reason Scotty has been acting out ( refusing naps and bedtime, refusing to eat, throwing tantrums and random outbursts of crying) is the cause of two things, terrible twos and the fact he knows I'm pregnant. She says he's got it in his mind that someone is going to take his place.

I don't know about anyone else, but can a child this young (18 months) know something like that? I mean that sounds so bizarre to me that a toddler would have that intuition this early. Or maybe I'm underestimating my toddler? I really don't know any more. All I know is I've been super sleepy and Scott's been a whirlwind of energy that I just can't keep up with lol.

Another thing that's been going through my mind is, what kind of books or articles are out there about second time moms? I can't seem to shake the feeling Scotty is going to be extremely jealous of cub#2 even if he's involved with everything. I'm not even sure if the what to expect when..books will even help reassure me at this point lol. Maybe I need to bust out one of the chicken soup mommy edition books out that lovely Lenore gave me?

Who knows? I'm just a hot mess in my mind lol. But back to Scotty's issue with the new 'tude he's got going on....he will get mad at his Legos and scream at them. He's mean to the cat and surprisingly she keeps coming back to love on him. I've cut down tv time and switched it to quiet time with Disney books. I've tried it all and finally today well last night actually, he decided to sleep all night for the first time in forever lol. I was so happy! Also one thing I've been trying to get Scott to stop Doug is "breaking" his board books. You know the tiny ones for babies and toddler? Yea those, for some reason he will use them for tethers and winds up taking them apart.

I don't want him to have a bunch of chewed up books but what can I do? Those little books are very educational for him. (He got the ABC's of Disney books where each letter has it's own book) I just can't get him to stop tearing them up and taking them away just makes it worse. What do you other mommas suggest I do?

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