Monday, February 11, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside.

Yes it's is! Good thing me and little guy are inside and snuggled up. Well since he passed out a little bit ago I thought it would give me time to work on my blanket. Well baby blanket. I finally figured out how to do the waves. The term for it is the ripple afghan. And I did it in rainbow colors. I'm excited because it took four months to figure out since mommy dearest didn't want to teach me her tricks. But that's ok she is amazed I learned how to do it from a book haha!

Well update on pregnancy #2, I have slowly gotten out of the morning sickness routine and my stomach has become more settled. So yay! Also baby is the size of a big plum so that's progress. I've been trying to keep myself relaxed and happy so I don't have to much uncomfortableness. Hence why I started a baby blanket.

Crochet just seems to make me relaxed and feel good. Makes me feel like I'm being the cool mom who can make my kiddos their Harry potter scarves when the time comes lol! I'm so weird I know but I'm sure my children will love the Harry Potter series, I know I did!

Speaking of books, I've begun to teach Scotty the ABC's though I don't think it's going too well. I do know I want to try one letter a week to see how we'll that goes. Maybe I need to spend more time on one letter? Let me know what you guys think? I've got the perfect alphabet book set to to get things flowing, disney board books! They're 26, one for each letter. I'm excited to see how far me and little guy will get with this new thing.

Hopefully Scotty naps for a good while. So ill be back, I'm going to go work on the blanky.

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