Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving y'all!

Happy thanksgiving to all my lovely followers!

So today was pretty good lots of food and lots of Scott wanting daddy! Yes that's right it's a daddy day for Scott Wayne. John is enjoying the heck out of it as we'll.

So let's drift off that and talk about something new shall we? Ok so me and my lovely sister are joining forces (yea I said it lol) on YouTube! She's fourteen so if there's a lot of crazy stuff on there it's cause she's a crazy teen. Ok I lied she's not crazy she's fun! But yes we have decided to do videos with each other as a sisterly thing. Plus she has a video of her singing to Scotty.

Her Channel is Tayburnsautmn. I'm sorry I don't know her URL but ill post a link to it when I actually get on my computer. So hopefully you guys will check her out and subscribe, comment, or even like her stuff. I hope to see you guys soon on YouTube and I'll be doing a surprise for you sometime soon!

Until next time lovelies!

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