Thursday, September 20, 2012

Early Holiday Craze!

Ok so everyone knows the holidays is just around the corner and honestly I'm super duper excited!!! I've been feeling so good about this year it's unreal. Mommy finally got her a job and can spoil little Scott Wayne to death all she wants. Yay!

So I know there's been a big gap between my last post and this one but I have been having technical difficulties lately so sorry for the delay guys.

Anywho, I know the big holidays are still quite a ways away but who can resist holidays when you know you are going to have so much fun with them? I know I can't. So I've been doing a little online browsing for Scott's wish list and I found some really good ideas on what I want to get him. Yes I know he has a veggietales addiction just like I do, but he also loves sesame street. I found a toddler bedroom set online and I absolutely want to get it for him though I don't think he's ready for a toddler bed. What do you guys think?

I think I might go ahead and grab them while they're still on a good deal so he can have them. I'm just ecstatic about everything that I think I may have lost my mind. I don't know folks, I've already grabbed holiday cookies... Does it seem like I've gone mad?

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  1. Yeah, I would hold up a lil on the toddler bed but it may be a great time to get a great deal to save for later! Holiday cookies....and your not here to share?