Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mommy Update!

Well hello there lovelies!Again I apologize for me missing in action, been busy lately.

So I know I haven't kept up lately but i'll explain why. In my last post I recently got a job at one of the dollar stores and was super excited about that. Well it didn't end too well considering what happened. Scotty had recently got his flu shot and I figured he would be sick but not this sick. M y mom had been watching him for me since my schedule had been crazy. Well I got a phone call from her telling me there was something wrong with Scotty and that I needed to take him to a doctor.

So I packed up his diaper bag and everything I needed to take with me to the doctor and got on the phone with my boss. I had told him what was going on and all he said was that I had a write up when I came back to work. Honestly I couldn't believe it. You're going to write me up for taking care of my child?!? What a jerk. Come to find out Scotty not only had the flu but he had a bad stomach virus. Once I got home I messaged my boss asking when was the next time I come in for work and he never replied. I tried contacting him four times and got no response.

Finally after three days of hearing no word from my boss I figured he must have fired me. Well I was wrong, he sent me a message about 30 minutes before I had to be at work that day. Now I don't know about you but I think it was planned. I was so mad that I told him plain and simple. I quit. Yes I know it was bad to do it this way but I'm sorry if someone doesn't understand that my child comes first then I don't need to bother with them. Since I started that job, Scotty has been going through extreme anxiety/abandonment issues. Every time I would get dressed for work he would scream and cry and it would break my heart.

As for those wondering was the hubby upset that I quit my job, yes he was disappointed but he understood what I was dealing with. He said, "I don't blame you for quiting. I would have done the same." I was so thankful that he was understanding as he was. So now that I'm out of a job, John and I agreed that it would be best that I stay home with Scotty until he starts school or something like that. What do you think? I think its good to stay home with him while he's still young. What are you're thoughts?

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  1. hard decision. money is needed and helpful...yes. time to help scotty learn and grow is essential. so as long as yall can swing the needed bills and keep the wants down to a low roar you should make it. we did up til denea was 4 years old. then was blessed with a friend who became our live in nanny!