Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mommy Rant!

Ok, normally I try my best to avoid posts like this but I'm seriously at the end of my rope and want to scream. So yes I've been neglecting my poor little blogspot all month and my reason being is holidays and stress. Every year there is bound to be stress. I know this, yet it still gets the better of me.

So the reason this is a rant is due to the fact of whats going on and to be polite I won't use names. Alright so due to some issues with my roommate, we decided to let him loose. Against my will and due to lack of communication I found out yesterday that my mother in law is moving back in. Now I have nothing against her, I can be nice and polite with her, but I'd prefer to light myself on fire than live with her again.

Hubby says "it's only for a short time so she can help us". Oh, but still if rather light myself on fire, rip my hair out and roll in bleach. I simply just can not stand staying in the same household with her. Here are my reasons why. She gripes about everything! She'll complain about dishes and laundry not being done, but I rarely ever saw her do that before she moved out earlier this year. Actually to be correct on the matter she was on vacation for a week and instead of helping me do any of the household chores, which aren't just for me but for everyone, she helped accumulate dishes, laundry, etc.

So yes I have every reason to not want to live with her again. Since I moved in with hubby in 2009, she has always lived with one or both her kids. Not that it's a problem for a parent to do this it's just I don't want to live with her. She has commented on everything from my cleaning skills, parenting skill, and even who I should hang out with and associate with.

Last time I checked, I was 22 years old and legally an adult. So who I associate with and how I raise mine and hubby's son is none of your concern coming from your corner of the shelf. You told me way back if I needed help to ask and when I would you would tell me to raise him how I see fit. Now that I have you want to put your two cents in? No, it's not going to happen.

Also, talking badly about step monster (that's what she calls herself folks lol) isn't going to make me hate her. Ill be honest and say I'd prefer to sit and converse with her than mother in law any dayof the week! So all that noise about sending all the books step monster sent back to her you can keep to yourself! I like books and I like step monster.

I apologize for my rant its just I needed somewhere to let loose. I know I'm not the only one to deal with in laws like mine. Leave a comment if you can relate!
Goodnight guys!


  1. As you can guess your Step Monster saved those books for a whole year to share with you as a gift. Why? Because she knows you treasure books as the escape they are. It looks like you will be needing that escape quite a bit in the near future. Grit your teeth, come here and share when you need to vent....we all do at times. And know your loved for being just you all the time!

  2. I'm going to need more than just an escape Lenore! Lol I'm going to need a better tongue holder because I refuse to our up with the crap anymore.