Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve!

Alright, so lord knows I need to get back into blogging shape this year lol. So what I have planned for the new year is blogging 365. Which by the obvious means that I will try to have a blog post everyday. Fun stuff right? Also it's been exhausting trying to run two different blogs at once, so sometime today or tomorrow I will be combining blogs.

It sounds a little bit nutty, but I usually tend to favor this blog over my other. So be prepared, followers, for new material. I will be having book related posts, beauty, and some down right randomness. Kind of crazy for one place huh? Yea tell me about it. I just wanted to let you guys in on the new year plans.

I also plan on doing picture 365 on Instagram and Facebook, so Lenore keep a look out for those!

Also if you'd like to follow me on my other social networks, here are the links...

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I'm also on pintrest! You can look me up by the name Stacy Webb or username scottsmomma.

Hope to see you guys soon! Have a wonderful New Year's Eve!


  1. Today's post will make my 365 goal true for 2012. Yeah, I did it! Now your turn girl!

  2. Right?!? I need to get on the ball! Lol