Saturday, April 7, 2012

Exciting Firsts For Momma!

So here it is 12:50 pm and I'm waiting on my boiled eggs to cool so i can dye them for little Scotty and the rest of the kiddos for Easter tomorrow. I will admit I'm supper excited for his first Easter! I know its silly but hey, hes only going to be this age once so why not?

Well lets get into the exciting first time mommy my little man just turned 8 months old the other day and I'll admit I really can not believe hes that old. The time has flown by so so fast. Makes me want to tear up a little... Well any who, on April 1st his first tooth pooped through! I couldn't believe my eyes! My little baby boy got his first tooth. Its one of the bottom ones. Now I know this sounds so mean of me to say but I really can't help but laugh when I see him smile now because i am so used to him with no teeth. Now to see him with that one lone tooth its really hard not to laugh....

Another awesome thing he did this week was he pulled his self up on my leg. Yay! hes just a growing so fast it blows my mind. And to make things more exciting is that boy is mobile! Yes I said it, mobile! Hes crawling everywhere and there is no stopping him. Hes also built up his word book to three words. I'm so proud my baby is so so smart! He knows Mama, Dada, and Nana. I bet his next word will be no considering he gets into everything and that's pretty much the only word he hears.

So these past few months have been an amazing gift and I wouldn't change it for the world. Now I have to finish the eggs for the kiddos...So good night peoples! God Bless!!

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  1. can you believe how fast they grow and change....split second and he will be in school! Happy Easter to our Dear Family.,