Sunday, June 3, 2012

Coming To Terms.

Ok so I never realized how much stuff a person can obtain until you rearrange your house! I'm not fond of this but Johnny loves doing it. He says it cleans the house better. Point proven lol.

Well any who. Today we did a major clean and rearrange in the house and let me tell you I am exhausted! We finally cleaned out the middle bedroom for little Scotty so he can have his own room. I will be honest and say I'm not ok with it because I'm so used to having him in my room, but he needs his own room now. It's still messy but it's a work in progress for the next few days.

So let's be honest… I am freaking out that I won't have him close by any more. Yes I know he's in another room but it's just not the same. First I had to deal with the scary experience that he's in front of me and not in my belly now they want me to put him in his own bedroom?!?! Oh my gosh I swear I almost had a heart attack!

I'm the kind of mom that thinks little things can happen ok? I have this fear that I won't be able to hear him when he cries at night now. I also fear that he'll fall out of the crib, that he'll feel lonely and scared. I know he's growing up but AHHH!!!!! I'm a nervous week people! I have no idea how to deal with the anxiety that he's not in the same room. I really need some relief from this scary thought.

Also I'm a little excited yet scared that he'll be one this coming July. Now I'm excited that he's growing up yet scared of how the future is going to go. I just don't know how to deal with this anxiety! HELP!!!!

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  1. There will be some seperation anxiety (from both of y'all). But you will hear him. Maybe not the first time he cries but as he does. Also think of it as getting your room back. Have John help you clean that one out too. Get the games and tv's out of there and make it a place for you two go for rest and RELAXATION! Well worth it.