Friday, June 8, 2012

Girls Night: Guilty or Guilt Free?

So today I was able to get a mom break. It was wonderful! I got to go swimming and out to eat at IHOP. I also got to just relax and talk about things I can only talk to friends about.

Now I feel guilt knowing that I could be home with Scotty and soaking up mother and son time. But I Really believe that I deserve a break from all the craziness I call motherhood. I feel like sometime people criticize me on being a bad mom when I let my mom watch Scotty when I want a little me time. I know I'm not a bad parent it's just sometime I feel like he needs to be with me 24/7. Other patents may disagree and say "you need you time" but sometimes when you feel like everyone is watching you, you don't want to be labeled " the mom who pawns her kids off".

That's just something I never want to be labeled… I love my son more than anything it's just sometimes I need a break too.

Now here is where I feel guilty...
My mom called me a few minutes ago saying that something was going on with Scotty. She said that he's got a big red spot on his forehead and that she thinks that it's the reason he's being so cranky. Ok so my first thought was "oh my god Stacy, he's having an allergic reaction to something and I totally didn't see it!"

I feel so guilty and that it's my fault. I feel like if I didn't go be selfish and have me time Scott would not not be feeling good.

Scott is with me now and he seems to be in a better mood but I still feel guilty. So I am still debating was girls night wrong or guilt free.


  1. NOT need time out too. It will help you be a better parent for you need a place to just be Stacy and not mom or wife.

  2. It's hard not to feel guilty about it though