Saturday, June 2, 2012

Laughing at Landon!

Yes this is about my hilarious nephew! Ok so as I was typing up my recent post, Tammy was talking to Landon about our fish, Black widow. Yes I know that fish has a strange name but there's reason behind it lol. Well Landon was telling her how he fed the fish and Tammy and I ask him "uh.… how much did you give him?" Landon said, "I shook it ten times!"

Tammy bolts to the fish tank and starts laughing. I walked out of my room to see what she was laughing at and asked "so how much did he feed widow?" she replied "well uh he fed him enough."

So I look in the fish tank and the whole top layer of water was covered in fish food! I turned to look at Landon and I asked "are you trying to kill our fish?" He shook his head yes lol.

I had to laugh and share this because the small story behind this goldfish is that we bought him along with 9 other goldfish. We brought them home and next thing you know all our fish wound up belly up. Well all but him. So we went out and bought him some more buddies. Same thing happened. So we did it a third time, but this time we watched closely… This little fish is EVIL! It killed the other fish! So from then on his name was Black widow. We make jokes on how long is this fish going to last but who knows! Lol!

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  1. well did you scoop the extra food or let black widow eat til it's heart delight? lol