Monday, June 11, 2012

Just Another Day In Paradise!

Let's start from last night…
Scotty fought sleep like you wouldn't believe. He finally passes out around 11. I prayed to God he would sleep in. He did! Only wish I knew what I had I'm store for my wake up call. Poopy diaper malfunction! Lol

I'm not kidding, Scott managed to get poo everywhere lol. On his pillow, his blanket and all over him of course! Well I took him into the bathroom to get cleaned up and once he saw the tub I was in for trouble. He wiggled and squirmed so much that I ended up with poo all on my arms. I'll be honest if I wasn't used to this I would've been mad but I just laughed and got his bath water going.

After his morning bath Johnny made him breakfast, eggs. We say down and watched the land before time 2 gear valley adventures. Scott paid no mind to it but that's ok.

Well he's been acting funny today he constantly wants to be held. I don't know if it's because he's not feeling food or if he just wants to be held but it's driving me a tad bit bonkers! Lol I love him though. He was fighting sleep so much lately that im not sure what's going on. But he'd asleep right now thank god lol

Well just wanted to update you guys!

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